Migrants set banned zones in Europe

Migrants set banned zones in Europe

The Hungarian government issued an official leaflet, where European cities banned from being visited because of big numbers of migrants are listed. The leaflet which was sent to millions of the Hungarian households, comprises hundreds of banned zones throughout Europe. Such cities as London, Brussels, Marseille, Berlin, Stockholm and Copenhagen are on the list. Budapest asserts that high level of immigration generated terrorism and violence in a range of regions, while authorities are not capable of restoring order. The British Foreign Office, as well as Ambassadors from France, Denmark, Belgium, and Sweden expressed their discontent at such leaflet, which 'misinforms' people as they believe. The Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto claimed in his turn that recommendations are based on official reports of police and other security agencies.

On 2 October a referendum will be hold in Hungary, and the citizens will speak on obligatory quota on refugees the EU imposed. The country has criticized the EU migration policy several times. Beside that, the Hungarian authorities employ special 'hunters for migrants', who will suppress attempts to illegally cross the border with Serbia.


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