NATO alliance starts greatest drills against Russia

The largest NATO drills Anaconda 2016 have been started in Poland. Participants aim to reinforce their cooperation given new mixed threats. The official opening ceremony was held in the Warsaw National Academy of Defence. The maneuvers themselves are to be started Tuesday. They will involve 31,000 military men from 24 countries, including 12,000 soldiers from Poland, 10,000 from the US and about a 1,000 from Great Britain. It should be noted that the exercise engages over 3,000 military equipment units, including tanks, armoured vehicles, over a 100 of aircraft and helicopters, as well as 12 vessels. The exercises will take place at all the training areas of the country. The Anaconda drills have been held every two years since2006. Today their aim is to exercise maneuvers in terms of joint defencive operation given hybrid threats. Drills near the city of Toruń will be one of the first stages, they will be started tomorrow with participation of the Polish, American and British military.