Russia “buries” G8

Russia “buries” G8

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs skeptically estimated prospects of the G8 renaissance. According to the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov, "Russia sees no need to revive what has become history. We've gone down this road, there is no novelty element, thus, Russia's participation in the G8 is an absolutely irrelevant issue," Ryabkov believes. And which issue is "relevant"? BRICS or the G20?

Igor Morozov, Senator, member of the Federation Council Foreign Affairs Committee:

"The G20 is really a very important format of international communication, first of all, in the global economy. And for the latest years it has surely become the most effective one. In fact, it has totally devaluated the G7, turning it into a so-called elitist club, where international problems may be discussed, but without any influence. Thus, it is inexpedient for us to talk about return to this format once again, we should develop relations within the G20, BRICS, and other integration alliances we take part in. And it's most important for us today, there is a need of specific deeds, specific programs, specific decisions of global problems, both in global politics and economy. But it's not the G7 at all".


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