Turkey prepares invasion into Syria

Turkey prepares a military invasion into Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defence claimed.
According to the Major-General Igor Konashenkov, Russia records more and more 'indications of Turkish Armed Forces covert preparation for militant actions in the territory of Syria' and 'given this there are serious grounds to suspect an intensive preparation of Turkey for a military invasion into the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic'.
As Pravda.Ru reported, Ankara refused a flight to the Russian observers, which should have been carried out over the territory of Turkey. The Defence Ministry believes it was done to conceal military activity on the border with Syria.
The Ministry has already presented video evidence, which shows the Turkish self-propelled artillery shelling the Syrian settlements in the North of Latakia, Konashenkov said.
However, by force of old Western tradition, the Pentagon and the NATO 'still keep silence'.
Konashenkov added that the Russian Ministry of Defence reinforced all kinds of its intelligence conduct in the Middle Eastern region. Thus, Ankara won't manage to conceal anything from observers.