Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Putin wants Russia to be strong after he leaves

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not yet decided whether he will stay for another presidential term. According to the Russian leader, "there are rules stipulated by the Constitution, and they will certainly not be violated."

Putin is not sure whether he should take full advantage of the constitutional rights. This will depend on the state of affairs in the country, in the world and on my own sentiments," he said. However, Vladimir Putin knows exactly what he would like to Russia to be after he resigns. He wants Russia to be a competitive country with developed social and political system, flexible to changes inside and outside the country." Russia also needs to be a sovereign state, where people would be happy, while Russia's partners around the world would be willing to develop relations with Russia." Putin stressed out that Russia does not need a dictator, but "a rightful leader who would work within the scope of his powers and in the interests of the overwhelming majority of the society."