Roy Jones to reconcile US with Russia?

Roy Jones to reconcile US with Russia?

After Gérard Depardieujoined the summer haymaking with the Belarus President, it seemed hard enough to amaze the world with stagy performance in the parapolitical field. However, Roy Jones, Jr. probably managed to do it. The American boxer had a chance to talk with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The talk was held in the Crimean city of Sevastopol, August 19. As a result "Captain Hook" turned out to wish to gain the Russian citizenship.

Vladimir Hryunov, promoter of Roy Jones: "We signed a promotion contract with him, and one of the mighty plans is to gain titles in the fifth weight category for him. During his last visit to the US, before the latest fight, we decided that it should definitely be in Russia. We arrived here together. He came to support guys, that will be boxing here. And when we arrived to the Crimea, they offered us to meet with Vladimir Putin."

Roy Jones believes that his Russian passport "will help to build a bridge" between Moscow and Washington. And how do they evaluate such a gesture in the homeland of the sportsman?

Vladimir Hryunov, promoter of Roy Jones: "Roy Jones is one of such people, who have a name sufficient to pay attention that there are cultural values, that there really were some historical moments when Russia and America united against common evil.

The common mood is present in the whole world (they called us from Great Britain), everyone is enraptured with what has happened. Nobody discusses a political component."

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