G7 summit: Merkel dancing for Obama

G7 summit: Merkel dancing for Obama

The G7 Summit has not brought any interesting news. The summit mainly generated multiple Internet jokes about what Obama had for breakfast, how many liters of beer the European leaders have had and what photos appeared on Angela Merkel's Instagram. 

It appears that without Russia, there is nothing for G7 leaders to talk about. The leaders came to Elmau Castle to enjoy picturesque views and breathe clean Bavarian air.

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There was an interesting moment during the summit. When President Barack Obama sat down on a bench to admire the landscape, German Chancellor Angela Merkel approached him and started dancing. At least, this is how a random picture of the German Chancellor was described on the Internet. On one of the photoshopped pictures, Merkel was said to be dancing Macarena, on another one, there is Forrest Gump sitting next to Obama, another one shows Merkel as a star of a Broadway musical.

Merkel gathered G7 leaders in Germany at a time when Islamic state militants continue killing hundreds of civilians in the Middle East, when dozens of migrants die on the way to Europe, when children are killed in the southeast of Ukraine. Yet, Merkel takes pictures of Obama's breakfast to post them on her Instagram.


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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov