Spartak takes subway ride past the Champion League's victory

Moscow’s Spartak lost to the Milan’s Inter in a domestic game with a 0:1 score. As a result, the “red-and-white” ones have only gained one point after four games: not enough to continue the fight not only in the Champion League but even in the UEFA Cup.

Spartak players reached the Luzhniki stadium in a way considered extraordinary for the champions – using the subway. Excessive Moscow traffic became the reason why the Spartak leaders decided not to have their team arrive to the stadium in a bus as usual.

“Moscow was packed. We had luck because one Spartak fan stopped his car next to ours and told us that Sadovoe Ring was blocked and that it would takes us over three hours to get to our destination. We rushed to the subway – a couple of kilometers away. Thanks to the Metro employees we were able to get in quickly for free,” Vladimir Fedotov, the chief coach of the team, told

Inter, on the other had, did not chose to go under the ground and managed to arrive on time.

It is possible that for many Spartak’s members the unexpected subway ride turned to be somewhat of a shock. Some may have not even imagined what it was like to be under Moscow ground. Austrian Schtranzl apparently could not get over his new experience. After the first minute in the game this Spartak’s defender missed the ball committing the mistake that lost the team their victory.

“The case was such that we could only laugh and cry. On the one hand it was an exotic experience, and on the other hand we had no time for jokes or autographs,” described their ride Spartak’s spokesman Vladimir Shevchenko, “We used the emergency option, and the main thing was not to forget someone in the train and to keep our eyes on the ones who were completely disoriented in the subway.”

Source: agencies

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina