When sports and politics mix

When sports and politics mix. 44993.jpegThe UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, England international soccer star and player for LA Galaxy, David Beckham, has written an open letter in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper highlighting the plight of Somalia's children and calling for international donations to help save the millions of people dying from starvation in the Horn of Africa.

In his open letter, David Beckham says he writes as a father himself as he reminds his readers that the food crisis in the Horn of Africa is the worst in fifty years following the worst droughts the region has seen for decades. He states that "Almost two million children in Somalia alone have been going to bed hungry for many, many weeks. Now and today, as you read this, children are literally dying of hunger" and adds the chilling statistic that one child starves to death every six minutes.

David Beckham goes on to make a comparison between his four children and those in Somalia Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti without a grain of rice to eat, a comparison which everyone in European countries should feel in their hearts. Praising UNICEF, David Beckham states that it takes very little to save a child's life.

"To see children brought back from the brink of death and nurtured into smiling, happy, contented kids is just incredible".


As he asks his readers to donate just 5 GBP, David Beckham is obviously doing his best, as indeed he always does both off the pitch and on it.

Without wishing to grandstage his noble efforts, perhaps his Government could stop wasting tens of millions of pounds a day murdering children in Libya while helping terrorists and donate this money to the funds David Beckham mentions in his open letter.

Something tells one Cameron and Hague and their government are far too callous to care. After all, those who murder children and then refuse to even apologise...

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Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey


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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey