Get better, El Flaco!

Cesar Luis Menotti, 72, the Argentine coach who led his national team to glory in 1978, has been interned suffering from a lung infection. Taking a courageous position supporting the political left at a time when his country was held in the grip of a Fascist dictatorship, we pay homage to this visionary, wishing him a speedy recovery.

43667.jpegCesar Luis Menotti is interned in the Hospital Italiano in Buenos Aires, suffering from a lung infection. El Flaco (the thin one) is 72 years old and has had a long and successful career as a soccer player, manager, teacher...and world champion.

His most famous achievement was the 1978 World Championship, which he won in Argentina. This followed a career as a player in 6 clubs in three countries (Rosario central 1960-1964; Racing Club 1964-1965; Boca Juniors 1965-1967, all in Argentina; New York Generals - USA - 1967-1968; Santos FC 1968-1969 and CA Juventus, 1969-1970 both in Brazil).

His managerial career was even longer (Club and titles):

Huracán 1972-1973 (Argentina) Champion of Argentina

Argentina national team 1974-1982 World Championship 1978, Under-20 World Championship 1979

Barcelona (Spain) 1983-1984 Copa del Rei, Spanish league Cup, Spanish Super Cup

Boca Juniors (Argentina) 1986-1987

Atlético de Madrid (Spain) 1987-1988

River Plate (Argentina) 1989

Peñarol (Uruguay) 1990-1991

Mexican national team 1991-1992

Boca Juniors 1993-1994

Independiente (Argentina) 1996-1997

Sampdoria (Italy) 1997

Independiente 1997-1999

Rosario central 2002

Independiente 2005

Puebla FC (Mexico) 2006

Tecos (Mexico) 2007

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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey