FIFA 2010: Scientific Analysis: Who Wins is…BRAZIL!!

We present the teams in the eight groups playing in the World Cup Finals FIFA 2010 in South Africa, together with their ranking calculated by FIFA (based upon their recent games). Let us analyse who, by the book, should go through to the second phase and who their opponents will be. Brazil sets off in first place and in our scientific analysis, will be champion!

Teams in groups with corresponding FIFA ranking

Group A France (9), Uruguay (16), Mexico (17), Rep. South Africa, (host), 83

Group B Argentina (7), Greece (13), Nigeria (21), Rep. Korea (S.) 47

Group C England (8), USA (14), Slovenia (25), Algeria (30)

Group D Germany (6), Serbia (15), Australia (20), Ghana (32)

By the FIFA ranking, the following teams should pass:

Group A: France, Uruguay

Group B: Argentina, Greece

Group C: England, USA

Group D: Germany, Serbia

Group E Netherlands (4), Cameroon (19), Denmark (36), Japan (45)

Group F Italy (5), Paraguay (31), Slovakia (34), New Zealand (78)

Group G Brazil (1), Portugal (3), Ivory Coast (27), DPR Korea (N.) (105)

Group H Spain (2), Chile (18), Switzerland (24), Honduras (38)

By the FIFA ranking, the following teams should pass:

Group E: Netherlands, Cameroon

Group F: Italy, Paraguay

Group G: Brazil, Portugal

Group H: Spain, Chile

Second Phase

1A – 2B France – Greece - FRANCE

1C – 2D England – Serbia ENGLAND

1E – 2F Netherlands – Paraguay NETHERLANDS

1G – 2H Brazil – Chile BRAZIL

1B – 2A Argentina – Uruguay ARGENTINA

1D – 2 C Germany – USA GERMANY

1F – 2E Italy – Cameroon ITALY

1H – 2G Spain – Portugal SPAIN

Third Phase

France – England ENGLAND

Netherlands – Brazil BRAZIL

Argentina – Germany GERMANY

Italy – Spain SPAIN


England – Brazil BRAZIL

Germany – Spain SPAIN

Third Place

England - Germany GERMANY


Brazil-Spain BRAZIL

Congratulations, Brazil!



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Author`s name Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey