Davydenko, winner of ATP World Tour, To Buy Apartment in Moscow

Russian tennis player Nikolay Davydenko has achieved the biggest success in his career. He won the ATP World Tour Finals against US Open champion Juan Martin del Potro on November 30 in London and became the winner of such a prestigious tournament for the first time. Thus, Davydenko reproduced Maria Sharapova’s success, who won the WTA tournament in 2004.

Unfortunately, Davydenko’s victory has not received much attention in Russia. Only one Russian cable TV channel was broadcasting the landmark game from London’s O2 Arena.

The ATP World Tour is not a part of the most prestigious Grand Slam series of tournaments. However, the ATP stands somewhere near it. Only world’s best eight players on the planet are allowed to play in it. The ATP winner receives the prize of 1 million euros ($1.5 million). For comparison, the prize of the US Open tournament is nearly the same - $1.8 million.

Any athlete in any kind of sports has a limit of their physical vigor. One has to admit that a half of the London championship players was very exhausted when the tournament started.

“I was trying to concentrate as much as I could in every game. I was so tired before the final match that I could hardly imagine how I could stand another tournament. However, when I won the start game, I immediately felt confident of my abilities and did not lose the feeling until the very end,” Davydenko said at a news conference.

Nikolay hopes that his victory will allow him to gain more popularity.

“No one has asked me for an autograph during the whole week of my stay in London. Everyone was chasing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, whom I left behind. Maybe at least someone will pay attention to me now. I would like to become more famous in Russia too. When I was playing against Marat Safin, about 80 percent of the audience was supporting him, not me. This is quite upsetting. I hope that now people will be supporting me taking into consideration the fact that Marat Safin has left the world of tennis,” Davydenko said.

“Next week I am going to Maldives, where I will spend a part of what I won in London. Afterwards, I will spend the rest to buy an apartment in Moscow. I could not afford it before. As for my plans in sports, my biggest dream is to win the Grand Slam,” he said.

Noviye Izvestia

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov