Boxer Nikolay Valuev To Be Shut in Prison for Five Years

Nikolay Valuev may face up to five year in prison for hitting an elderly security guard, Yury Sergeyev. The legal fight between the heavyweight boxing champion and a service guard of Spartak Sports Complex has been in progress for three years and a half already. The new details of the matter have recently emerged.

The incident took place in January 2006. A conflict between Nikolai Valuev and service guard Yuri Sergeyev broke out because the latter had been allegedly rude to the boxer’s wife at the parking. The conflict resulted in a brain concussion and injuries for the guard and a criminal action against Valuev.

As a result the court sentenced the World Champion to the fine of 130.000 rubles ($4,200). The new details came to light after both parties lodged an appeal.

Three years after the trial the service guard detected posttraumatic changes of the sixth and seventh ribs on the X-ray picture of his torso. Sergeyev’s lawyer demands the injuries be considered as moderate, not just trivial.

Valuev’s boxer says that Yury Sergeyev seeks more severe penalty for Valuev. The lawyer finds it illegitimate to use a photofluorogram as the x-ray examination revealed no fractured ribs in the course of the primary inspection.

However, during the recent hearings, the court took the decision to examine the photofluorogram and ordered a repeated medical examination be conducted. Specialists should make a conclusion about the degree of injures, their cause and time.

Even if the experts establish that the ribs might have been fractured in January 2006, Sergeyev will have to prove that it was Valuev, who had inflicted those injuries on him, the boxer’s lawyer said.

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov