Women hide their wisdom beneath stupidity

First off, the above statement used for identifying the nature of a problem is more complex than it seems. It requires a detailed analysis on the part of a full-fledged intellect, which simply cannot exist without examining something carefully and in detail so as to identify its causes, key factors etc. In other words, “pure reason” is prone to finding a problem in all places so that the former may be properly analyzed. As a result, it is also inclined to call into question all kinds of postulates including the above one (“all the females are stupid”), which is seen by many as axiomatic and self-evident.

First, what is a “female?” Second, how can we define the concept of “stupidity?” Third, does such a high degree of generalization really apply in this case, at least theoretically?

Thus it can be concluded that the above thesis rests on the greatest degree of gender and intellectual categorization, which does not by any means indicate a lack of intellectual powers in each and every representative of the female sex under Homo sapiens sepiensis (rational man possessing reason). In fact, the definition per se implies the mental powers concerned with forming conclusions and judgments.

Taking into account that “all those stupid females” are capable of copulating successfully with the best male representatives of Homo sapiens sepiensis so as to bear young, it is obvious that those of the fair sex are part of the species. On the contrary, all the attempts of certain male representatives of Homo sapiens sapiensis to bear young by breeding with one another ended in failure – a sign of deficiency relating to this kind of sexual combinations.

Here is the conclusion: “all those females” belong to the species of “rational man possessing reason.” Let us then proceed to analyze the definition of “stupidity.”

As for the Russian language, the adjectives stupid or fool have been long used for pointing out one’s lack of sense. We may as well dust off one of the Russian sayings dating back to 19th century: “The bullet is a fool, whereas the bayonet is a fine fellow.” What is this saying all about? Well, the subject has been around from time immemorial. It concerns a blunt spherical object being in opposition to a pointed elongated one. You do not have to be an authority on Freud to figure out that the bullet is isomorphic i.e. being symbolically the same with a womb while the bayonet is isomorphic with a phallus. Please note that reason has nothing to do with the case.

According to Chinese philosophy and religion, the famous yin and yang are two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yin), and one positive, bright, and masculine (yang), whose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things. Once combined, these two give rise to absoluteness, universum, harmony, bliss. Actually, the “fair fellow” embarks on the same mission as he penetrates the “fool” regardless of IQ.

In light of the above, we should not define the “stupidity” as a lack of sense in this case, rather, it should be referred to as some alternative state of mind. A man and a woman are poles apart when it comes to the process of using reason in making a judgment or arriving at a conclusion.

People can apply for a sex reassignment operation if they wish. It means one’s original sexual characteristics do not sit within the confines of one’s underpants or undies. They sit in the brain. In other words, the conscious mind comes first in order or importance. Moreover, it is quite impenetrable for another person. The following example is based on a true story.

The scene features a man and a woman in a moving car. Different thoughts drift through their minds as the car moves along. “Incidentally, tomorrow we can celebrate a sort of anniversary. We met six months ago, in case you forgot,” says the woman. “Am I really ready to say ‘yes’ if he proposes marriage now?” she thinks to herself one moment later. “That’s right, six months gone,” the man says. “Gee, she’s right, we met on the day I last had oil changed in this car. So it means I haven’t changed oil for six months?! What a moron!” the man thinks to himself and frowns at the thought. The woman sees a frown crossing the man’s face. The next moment she is about to burst into tears. Another argument is taking shape…

All and all, what is the mission of a male? Impregnating as many females as possible in a given period of time seems to be the mission. On the other hand, what is the goal of a female? She is bound to attract as many males as she can in order to pick the best one for mating purposes. And then she has to do her utmost to keep her mate alongside as long as possible. At least she has to keep him alongside until she sees evidence that the mating has been a success. At a maximum, she has to keep him within reach until her social, physiological, intellectual capacities damaged by mating get back to normal.

Men and women have different strategic goals. The differences feed a proverbial misunderstanding between males and females. The misunderstanding may be negative in nature though it should be positive instead. “All the females are stupid” because they do not understand what males are after. As regards those of the fair sex who suddenly see the light – they quickly become characterized as women of easy virtue. On the one hand, men stop calling them stupid. On the other hand, the woman’s dignity, her rights and freedoms are debased.

That is why women are, to some extent, in the right when they put forth their symmetrical thesis: “All the males are bastards.” However, the truth is hidden somewhere in between the sublime projections of all those base things. It is lying in wait somewhere in between the intellectual and the ethical, the rational and the sensual, the masculine and the feminine. The truth of the negative lies in the positive as hate lies in love though things do not work vice versa in the latter case.

Now that we have carried out a scientific analysis of the popular belief which says that “all the females are stupid,” we seem to have a truly exhilarating thesis waiting the wings: “All the females are alternatively gifted!”

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov