Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Woman burns her ex-husband’s penis for adultery

A female Muscovite burnt her ex-husband’s penis in revenge for his adultery. The Tvoi Den newspaper reports that the man was taken to hospital with burns all over his body, but his jealous ex-wife did not feel guilty at all.

The woman named only as Irina, 41, was married to Dmitry, 48, for 19 years. The couple divorced three years ago but shared the same apartment afterwards. Irina took her revenge upon Dmitry at the moment when the man could repulse the attack neither physically nor psychologically. Shortly before the incident the man broke his heel, so he could not walk a lot and spent much time at home.

When the incident took place Dmitry was watching an adult program on a night TV channel. His ex-wife grabbed a bottle of vodka and approached the man sitting in front of the TV set. She spilled some vodka on him the man and wanted to set him on fire with a match but her attempt. The flame died out in the air.

Dmitry could hardly realize what was going on and made no attempts to stop the crazy woman. Then, Irina made a wick of a newspaper and threw the burning paper aiming at the man’s crotch. Dmitry told doctors that he had felt terrible pain but could not extinguish the fire. He started burning like a torch. At first, Irina was just observing how the ex-husband was agonizing but then decided to send for a doctor.

Doctors say that Dmitry could have burned alive if the woman had not called an ambulance. Severe burns were found on the man’s arms, legs, chest and penis.

Dmitry can not explain the reason of the ex-wife’s action. He said that the idea to divorce suddenly occurred to Irina three years ago, and the woman would not explain to the man why she wanted to divorce him. Dmitry also has no idea regarding the reasons of the recent incident. Irina at the same time does not feel guilty and insists that ex-husbands must be punished even if they once were unfaithful.

Translated by Maria Gousseva