Lindsay Lohan cracks down on Vanity Fair for rumors about her addiction to food, older men

The young actress does not seem to have any expertise in the subtleties of Hollywood life

Lindsay LohanBy and large, sincerity is a good character trait though at times it can only do harm. Too much sincerity normally backfires sooner or later, especially in case of pop or film stars who open up too wide to their fans sometimes. Those who licked their wounds after telling the truth would agree that you should watch your mouth when talking about personal secrets. And you had better keep you mouth shut when it comes to bad habits.  

Lindsay Lohan does not seem to have any expertise in the subtleties of Hollywood life. That is why she is so talkative when tabloids ask her about her habits that do not look glamorous at all. In her recent interview to Vanity Fair, the 19-year-old actress, a new entry in the Hollywood list of sex symbols, revealed to her fans and ill-wishers that she was suffering from bulimia or insatiable overeating. “My illness is of my own making,” said Lohan. According to her, she went public with the problem because of the lack of people who could make her pull her act together.

Bulimia is not the only bad habit of the starlet who proved to be a pretty depraved type, all in all. In an apparent bout of sincerity, she laid her cards on the table and admitted to her liking for experiments with illicit drugs. She also told the journalists about her thing for older men, and her total lack of style in attire.

Actress Lindsay LohanNo wonder the actress was fuming after she saw her revelations published in a magazine. Swear words were the only comments she could utter. Judging by the article, the journalists selected the spiciest bits of her interview for publication. As a result, the readers got a pretty outrageous picture of Lindsay Lohan. The girl promptly issued a disavowal of the contents of the article.

“I have never suffered from bulimia,” said Lohan, in an interview to Teen People. She accused Vanity Fair of distorting and misinterpreting certain parts of her interview. She also claimed that her drug problem had been long gone.

We can only assume that Lohan in fact told the magazine about things published in the aforementioned article since there are no reports about her planning to sue the magazine for “defamation of character.”

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Author`s name Olga Savka