Baby girl was born holding her heart in her hand

Only a handful of similar pathologies have been on record so far

The Indian obstetricians who delivered a baby girl that night now believe they have been chosen for the occasion. They witness the birth of a tiny girl whose heart was lying outside her body. It was connected by a network of veins and arteries to internal organ. The newborn was holding it in her hand as if she was afraid to lose it. Thoracic heart ectopia

Only a handful of similar pathologies have been on record so far. As a rule, children affected by the condition die within few hours due to infections targeting the unprotected heart. However, new methods stand a good chance of saving poor creatures. A new treatment involves the use of special film resembling human skin. The heart is covered with the film before being inserted into its usual place in the chest. The child will grow and develop just like his contemporaries if everything goes well in an operating theater and afterwards. 

The pathology called thoracic heart ectopia begins to develop by the end of a 4th week of embryo development. It could be caused by congenital defects or a fetus misplacement. The condition can be detected at a 3rd month of pregnancy. Abortion (if it is still safe for the mother) can be administered. That is the reason why it is very important to take an ultrasound examination on time.

The parents of the girl had no money to pay for ultrasound examinations. Tens of thousands dollars are needed now to ensure that the girl survive and recover. A charitable fund was set up in India to pay the cost of treatment.

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Author`s name Olga Savka