Dentist cracks pensioner’s jaw and opens private dental cabinet

Removing a tooth, the dentist applied too much power and broke the pensioner’s jaw. In hospital two more fore-teeth were removed from the pensioner’s mouth to put in a special tube to feed the pensioner. While the elderly man stayed at hospital the dentist resigned and launched a private dental cabinet.

Suffering from severe toothache Victor Bidenko decided to go to one of the hospitals in the Kharkov region (Ukraine). However he couldn’t even expect that a visit to a dentist could turn into a nightmare.

After the preliminary examination Victor was sent to a surgeon, named only as Dmitry, for tooth removal. Dmitry gave Victor an anaesthetic injection, took special pliers and started the operation.

However the tooth would not be removed, and Dmitry took a chisel to break the tooth root.

“When the dentist hit the chisel for the first time I saw stars. His second attempt wasn’t very successful either – he missed and injured my tongue. When he tried for the third time my lower jaw cracked” – says Viktor.

Viktor Bidenko received medical help only several hours later. When the ambulance took Viktor to Kharkov, Dmitry started taking urgent efforts to avoid problems, Gazeta Poukrainski reports. As a result, Viktor Bdenko was operated on only in the evening.

“Next morning I couldn’t open my eyes. My face swelled up. It appeared that the bad tooth hadn’t been removed at all. I had to undergo one more operation. So I couldn’t either eat or drink during the next week”, says Viktor.

The pensioner was fed through a special tube. To put it into his mouth the doctors had to remove two of his fore teeth. Bidenko spent more than a month at hospital. When he left the hospital, he sued the dentist who caused such severe bodily damage to him. During the investigation it appeared that the dentist resigned and launched a private dental cabinet.

The dentist was charged with improper execution of his duties. If the dentist is found guilty he may be sentenced up to two years in prison.


Translated by Alexander Timoshik

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Author`s name Alex Naumov