Zombie girl regains memory

Natasha from Russia's town of Orsk recollects episodes from her “lost” life

September 19, 2005, Natasha Polezhayeva from the Russian town of Orsk got lost. In two days, she showed up in the city of Orenburg together with her son Denis. But unfortunately the girl could not tell how she came to the city and remembered no details of the previous Natasha Polezhayevayears of her life. Russia's Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper published a picture of the girl in September so that her relatives or acquaintances could come to take the girl and help her recollect the past. Fortunately, Natasha's class-mate Yelena saw the picture and came to Orenburg together with Natasha's father on September 26. Natasha did not recognize both.

For the time being, the girl is living at her relatives' in the countryside. She says: “I do not remember who my parents were, but I feel that those people who claim they are my parents are actually my relatives. They nurse me as if I am a baby so that I even sometimes feel whimsical.”

It takes Natasha much time now to recover. To feel calm she knits, does things about the house and works in the kitchen-garden. Sometimes she realizes that her memory comes back. She says that she recollects some moments of the life that the girl does not remember at all. From time to time some things seem familiar to her and slightly remind her of her previous life.

Natasha has injections at a hospital that are expected to help her recollect the past. Doctors recommend her not to overstrain, and the girl follows the recommendations because she wants to remember everything pertaining to her life and have a normal family.

In the evenings, Natasha walks along quiet streets together with her son. Now she feels better, her appetites and sleep have improved. Her class-mate Yelena visits Natasha every day; she tells Natasha about her past, about school years and their childhood to help the girl recollect the past. Natasha believes that some day she will recollect everything.

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Author`s name Olga Savka