Hollywood stars pay 10,000 USD for a hairdo and buy houses for their psychoanalysts

Goldie Hawn is taking a course of self-defense based on methods of Israeli security services

Julia Roberts once said that she would be hardly making both ends meet if she were paid less than $20 million per motion picture. Let us have a look-see of things the celebrities spend their salaries on.


It would be cheaper to party at McDonald's, no doubts about it. But  celebrities need to follow their status so they throw parties at exclusive restaurants where a modest dinner costs from $6,000. A bottle of wine at such a restaurant costs a minimum of $5,000. Stars usually order more expensive wine the prices on which can reach $20,000 a bottle.

Health matters

Since a Hollywood star should embody an esthetic ideal of society, practically all celebrities have their personal trainers. Hollywood trainer Nigel Simeon says he can make any overweight body look like an extra from Baywatch series. His tuition costs $200 an hour. Cortney Love exercises five days a week for two hours.


Goldie Hawn is taking a course of self-defense based on methods of Israeli security services. She hopes to cut down on bodyguards one of these days. Meanwhile, she has to pay from $150 to $3,000 for personal protection services. As a rule, there are a few bodyguards on duty at a time.


Lord's boutique is the “cheapest” place that a regular Hollywood stylist would recommend you. A simple outfit at Lord's starts at $3,000. Nicole Kidman, Patricia Arquette, and Julia Roberts are frequent customers of similar boutiques.


A pair of footwear handmade by the famous shoemaker Pasquale di Fabrizio costs a minimum of $1,000. Mr. Fabrizio manufactures special height-enlarging shoes for Sylvester Stallone, he also makes boots from leopard skin for Cher. Mr. Fabrizio has recently put out a book revealing some secrets. He claims Uma Thurman's shoe size is 43. He also complains about Mickey Rourke who “forgets to foot the bill.”

Hair stylists

Keeping your hair in style in Hollywood is very costly. Craig Saroyan, the stars' favorite hairdresser, is ready and willing to arrange a male star's hair for $400. A hairdo for women is more expensive. Mr. Saroyan once built Julia Robert's hairdo for $10,000 for the Oscars.


Psychoanalysts are thought to be the most expensive star helpers. Though psychoanalysts never reveal their fees, the figures are really big. It was reported that Beatrice Morrow, a personal psychoanalyst of Robert de Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer, had recently bought her eighth house.

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Author`s name Olga Savka