One short name has huge influence on every aspect of human life

Onomasiology experts state that if a parent gives his or her name to a baby it will inevitably entail continuous conflicts with the baby and may even cause serious problems to a baby’s health.

One of the leading Russian omonasiology experts, Boris Higir states that any name is not just a mere combination of sounds. The initials of any name are a coded program of a person’s life and fate. It was still in the expert’s young age when he noticed that many of his acquaintances who had the same name were of similar characters and had similar health problems. These days, the expert is absolutely sure that a man’s state of health and name are interrelated. He has conducted a fundamental study of personal files registered at the police, hospitals and family advisory boards before he arrived at the conclusion.

The phenomenon is quite clear: the combination of sounds in a name and vibrations that it produces has a particular effect on the human brain. Every name is a unique combination of sounds of various pitches of tone and timbre. It is known that different irritants stimulate part of the brain controlling the functions of this or that organ of the human body. The researcher has determined that some diseases are typical of people with some particular names.

One may object that there are millions of people having the same name and all of them are individual. This is also true indeed. Boris Higir insists that a person’s name is just half of the work. It is important to make a baby’s name go with his patronymic name that contains a certain program, some type of a gene code passed on from generation to generation. Any discord entails deformations of a combination of sounds. Eventually, this results in the disharmony of physical and intellectual growth and development of a child who was named in a wrong way. So, this fact is essential when naming a new-born baby.

The expert adds that parents should name a baby depending upon a season when it was born. Babies born in March should be given names that sound strong because many of babies born in spring are weak because of avitaminosis. On the contrary, babies born in winter should be given soft and melodious names not to aggravate their negative traits and neurology problems that are sometimes typical of ‘winter’ children. A wrong name in this case may turn out to be a fatal mistake.

What can be done if a child’s name proves to be a factor that causes serious psychological problems? Boris Higir states that in this situation it makes sense changing his name for a more suitable one. He remembers that lives of children renamed on his recommendation radically changed for the better. Parents often ask Boris Higir to help change a newname for theirchildrenas they get tired of children’s unmanageable behavior, inner discomfort, heightened excitability and poor health in case they were given wrong names.

And this is the situation when the expert can really help. Sometimes it takes him two weeks to find a better new name for a particular child. And the result of such experiments is usually amazing! A new name often turns out to be an effective solution of many problems of neurasthenic and uncontrollable children.

Many of Higir’s clients are however adult people who want to change their personality with getting a new name. The expert says that a new name does not bring drastic changes to the life of an adult person as the experience of his life before changing the name still stays with him.

What should parents have in mind when choosing a name for their new-born babies? It is no good either to be guided by the latest fashion or name a new human after a relative. Boris Higir is sure that harmony of a baby’s name with his or her patronymic name is the thing they must be particularly anxious about. Parents should choose names that are easy for pronunciation and memorization. Strange names and also those difficult for pronunciation may become the cause of many complexes of a person. And it is known that people suffering from complexes also have health problems.

It is not a very good tradition in fact to name babies after their deceased relatives especially after those with tragic destiny. Very often children named this way may also have an unlucky fate. A woman told that the life of her son who was named Vyacheslav after his uncle who tragically died was so much unlucky. First, the boy’s nervous system was seriously injured at birth. At the age of three the boy suffered from a severe allergy; next year he fell down and had a concussion of the brain. And disasters occur to him regularly.

The expert noticed that children named after their parents, and especially boys named after their fathers are too emotional and short-tempered; they reveal the inclination for depressions and frustration. Children having the name and the patronymic name that sound similar are often of an unstable character.

Naming girls is a serious task as well. It is a mistake to name girls with derivatives of male names. Girls and women having such names reveal complex male characters. Some of such women lack tenderness and femininity which may further cause problems to their private life, entail psychological problems and sexual disorders.

The onomasiology expert emphasizes that giving pet names to children turns out to be confusion to the formation of his inner self.

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Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov