Virtual sex in Russia advances from silly chat rooms to USB vibrators

Virtual sex as a phenomenon appeared in Russia at the end of the 1990s when Russians had no powerful leased lines, no resourceful gadgets and complex technologies. People had to get by just with an unstable dial-up connection, online chats and blinking ICQ windows.

Online communication has made good progress since that time. Today virtual sex is more than just indecent talks with someone on the other end of the Internet connection. Sexual adventurers can choose from a great variety of modern technics and technology achievements.

In chats and ICQ, one can have a so-called text sex. Two people start a dialogue to describe some erotic event, either their imaginary sexual date, or their fancies and vivid sexual experience from the past. Such talks look like this: “I do this and this to you…” or “I like when you do this and this to me…” And it lasts till both sides are absolutely satisfied, or until they get tired of it.

Things necessary for virtual sex are simple and available to many: a PC, Internet, some spare time and a virtual partner. ICQ or other communicator programs can be downloaded from the Internet absolutely for free.

Remember that no one who starts surfing the Internet can stay anonymous for long. If a person wants to figure out who you are he will do it easily. So, take precaution measures in case you need anonymity. If you want to be absolutely conspiratorial on the Internet, open a new ICQ account and email especially for your sexual adventures online. It is quite clear that a virtual partner will some day ask to show him or her a picture of yours. Take a picture that will not let identify you: either a picture taken from the back, or with a face shaded or disguised with thick make-up, or just a photoshoped one. And remember that it is not quite nice to pass somebody’s picture off as yours.

IP-telephony saves communicators from typewriting and allows them to speak via the Internet. In a word, this type of virtual sex is quite the same as sex on the phone. It is interesting that women whose professional activity is sex on the phone say it is not easy. Before they start they have to attend special courses to study the psychology of erotic telephone conversations. It is important, they say, to seize a client’s attention for as long as possible and do not let him hang up or come off at the wrong time.

Things necessary for this type of virtual communication are quite available. A garniture, a microphone and earphones to connect to a PC cost starting from five dollars. Certainly, equipment of higher quality costs more. At that, software and system registration cost nothing at all. And mind that you should also take measures to guarantee your virtual safety.

Those who need not only virtual indecent talks but also want to see or even demonstrate something indecent to a person on the other end of the Internet connection can use a webcam. This camera does not record but it provides online broadcasting via Internet of everything it catches. In a word, it works as a video phone.

It is known that optical perception intensifies men’s sexual emotions, men also like toys. So, basically men like sex using a web camera as it gives them an opportunity to watch and enjoy what they see. Women are more inclined to apply their fantasy to the sphere of sex as well and they rather like sex in correspondence, in other words indecent talks with a partner on the Internet. However, it makes sense sometimes to reject all stereotypes and plunge into sexual experiments.

To enjoy something that your virtual partner on the other end of the Internet connection has to show or to show him something too you should have a PC, software and traffic. Remember that image transfer takes quite a lot of traffic, so choose an unlimited Internet connection and useapowerful channel. Also, images transferred with the help of a web camera are never of the quality we are used to in the home theatre.

If you one day decide to use a web camera for your sexual adventures mind that records of what you are going to demonstrate may one day be used against you. A great part of videos on porn websites are web camera videos. And nobody can guarantee that your nude video will ever appear on a porn site.

And the most modern gadget used for virtual sex is a USB vibrator connected to a PC. For the time being, these gadgets are used as a source of supply alternative to batteries necessary for sex toys. Theoretically, anything connected to USB can be operated via Internet, and it may happen so that the principle will be realized in practice. Some people already enjoy virtual sex with USB vibrators but it is rather an exotic so far. The most amazing peculiarity of this type of virtual sex is that a button to operate your USB vibrator is on the other end of the Internet connection, and your partner regulates its activity to his liking.

This rather exciting type of virtual sex requires a USB vibrator, software and a communications channel. Some models of USB vibrators meant for virtual sex are supplied with software and free registration on a website pertaining to the issue. This gives your partner an opportunity to operate a USB vibrator via Internet fromany PC in any part of the world. Unfortunately, the Russian sex industry does not offer this type of vibrators, and users have to purchase them at foreign Internet stores. Oh, it is important: never use USB vibrators when having a bath.

Myths about virtual sex are sometimes true and sometimes not. It is said that virtual sex is sex with a virtual human being. A partner on the other end may say he is a macho with white teeth and a muscled body but in fact be a pimply teenager or a stuttering pensioner. Or this may be a person of the same sex that you are, things do happen! But in any case, there is always a real living human being having his own fate, character and habits. And if you want you can certainly find a topic that is interesting for both of you to discuss except sex. It is known that stable virtual partners sometimes meet in real life and may continue their sexual adventures or just break up. It sometimes happens that people who already know each other may start virtual sex, lovers separated from each other for example.

Some people believe that virtual sex is a stupid thing for people having no intellect. In fact, virtual sex as well as real sex always depends upon you and your partner. And it is no shame at all for educated intellectuals to have virtual sex from time to time. It is for sure that virtual sex of two educated intellectual partners is of a higher quality than mere indecent talks on the Internet.

People feel ashamed of having virtual sex as they believe that this sex always ends in masturbation, a really shameful thing as many suppose. Masturbation is inevitably associated with sexual dissatisfaction and lack of a steady partner that makes people unattractive in the eyes of the society. Do people who say so never masturbate?

Virtual sex is fun for libertines, such is a popular opinion. And this is true to some extent. In real life, a shy and diffident person can turn out to be a very good sexual partner but he is hardly to be such in virtual sex. Virtual sex means talking and demonstrating indecent, do it openly and feel comfortable.

And in the end a piece of advice to those who are more anxious about getting rid of importunate sexually concerned teenagers rather than about starting virtual sex. Get registered as a male ICQ user, and sex adventurers will vanish once and for all. It works wonderfully!


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov