Girl steals baby from maternity hospital to become mother just for one day

The girl convinced herself that she would never be able to give birth to a baby, so she decided to steal one from hospital

Infants are rarely stolen in Russia. On the contrary, sloppy mommies would rather get rid of their unwanted offspring. Quite an extraordinary case has been recently in a Moscow region court. A 20-year-old girl decided to become a mother overnight. She satisfied her desire by stealing an infant from the maternity ward. She did not seem to have any idea of what she was doing. She simply wanted to play with a living doll.

The desire to become a mother had been haunting Yulia Sergushkina for several months. All her female friends got married and had children. Yulia did not marry anyone. She would often fantasize about being a mother and all the wonderful things the motherhood brings out.

“I will never give birth to a child!” gasped Yulia one night talking to her mother. “That's the verdict I got from the doctors,” added she.

As it turned out, Yulia has never undergone any medical examination for infertility and therefore she was never diagnosed with infertility. Speaking to MK, Yulia's mother said “She made it up herself and drove it deep inside her system.” According to the mother, her daughter had an abortion at the age of 17. After that Yulia's attitude to many things changed.

She would reportedly spend days and nights figuring out how she could get a newborn baby. She was 20 years old and still at 11th grade of a high school. She did not have any job. Besides, she was tried and got a prison term (suspended) for burglary.

Then her lucky day came in. Sveta, one of her close female friends, was taken to hospital to take care of her small son who was feared to have an acute viral respiratory infection. That female friend told Yulia of nobody's infants kept in a maternity ward of the hospital. Sveta said there were loads of beautiful infants in the ward and they were up for grabs.

Yulia's first attempt to break into the maternity ward fell flat. She was trying to crack open a plastic window but a nurse popped up and chased her away. The second attempt was a success. She got inside by twisting aside a grate on the window. Sveta had instructed her how to get straight to the ward. At the moment a nursery maid and a nurse were busy fixing an intravenous drip to a critically sick child. The stealer took advantage of the situation and picked up a one-year-old Kolya Smirnov (the boy was admitted to hospital earlier that morning). Yulia wrapped up a sleeping baby in the blanket and left the premises the way she entered them.

Yulia Sergushkina brought the child to Sveta's place in the village of Tomilino. The girls cracked the bottle to celebrate the success of the raid. As she was getting sober at dawn, Yulia started to realize there was no way she could return home with the child. Finally, her friends sent Yulia and the child to her friend Marina in Moscow.

The story drew to a close pretty soon. The doctors reported the missing child to the police. The police questioned Sveta and she told the prosecutors everything. The police went to Moscow and found the kidnapper drowsy and the child fast asleep on a sofa in Marina's apartment.

Yulia Sergushkina was recently sentenced to 4,5 years of imprisonment. The court took into account her suspended sentence for burglary. The prosecution said it was a minimum punishment for the crime. The court must have taken into consideration Yulia's alleged good intentions she had while stealing the child. As regards Kolya Smirnov, he was recently adopted by a U.S. couple and taken to the U.S. Hopefully, the boy will never know of that ugly twist in his life when he was just one year old.

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Author`s name Olga Savka