Two brothers get too drunk on their father’s funeral and forget to bury his body

Two sons of a deceased man gave quite a wake for their father. They drank themselves into a stupor prior to burial and forgot to take the corpse to a cemetery. Three days later the offspring realized there was something wrong as a pungent smell was filling up the house. But they never went to the cemetery anyway. The sons put a casket into a makeshift burial chamber in the backyard.

The hideous story happened in one of the villages of the Bashkir Autonomous Republic. A 60-year-old pensioner died of a heart attack about a month ago. Neighbors found the body of the deceased near his apartment. A spokesperson for the local police said the relatives of the deceased had initially refused to take the body from a morgue.

One of the sons of the deceased apparently changed his mind several days later. The young man is reported to have decided to bury his father according to tradition. He received a funeral benefit from a social security department. His employer even provided him with a vehicle for a burial ceremony.

The young man and his elder brother decided to have a few drinks in memory of the deceased on the day of a funeral. A “remembrance party” apparently turned into a binge. The brothers drank so hard that they forgot about their dead father. It was nearly midnight when they seemed to realize why they hit the bottle. Going to a cemetery at such an ungodly hour was too scary for the crapulent brothers or so they say.

The brothers came up with a contingency plan to tackle the problem. They hid the corpse in a closet and got back to drinking. The reality dawned on them three days later as a nauseous smell began to ooze out of the closet. Nobody bothered to ask the brothers any questions about the funeral. The smart-alecky guys figured out they could save up some money by scratching the idea of a traditional burial. They demolished an old shed in the backyard of their house and used the timber for building a makeshift burial place for the dead father. The brothers placed the casket into a weird construction and resumed drinking away the remainder of the funeral benefit.

Forty days were gone. Finally, a neighbor took a closer look at a roughly built structure in the brothers’ backyard. He could not believe his eyes: a casket sat inside it. The neighbor promptly called the police, MediaKorSet reports.

The police arrived in the scene and discovered the casket under the dilapidated pieces of timber. The police demanded that the brothers bury the deceased without delay. The brothers reportedly told the police they could not comply with the demands because they had no money to pay for funeral expenses – all the money had been spent on the wake.

As a result, the deceased was buried at the expense of the residents of the village. The burial took place 43 days after the man passed away.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov