Roman Abramovich dumps his wife for hot model and fashion designer Daria Zhukova

Russia’s richest man, Roman Abramovich, divorced his wife in February, although the court decision was announced several days ago. The oligarch’s divorce took place in the Chukotka region of Russia, which Abramovich chairs as the governor.

“Roman Abramovich’s children will stay with their mother, Irina,” a spokesman for a local court, Alexander Talayev said. “As for their property, I cannot comment on that, it is strictly a private matter of Mr. Abramovich and his ex-wife,” the official said.

The ex-wife of the Russian oligarch will receive $300 million dollars as a part of the divorce settlement. News agencies reported before that Irina Abramovich (her maiden name is Malandina) was likely to receive a record-breaking settlement of five or even nine billion dollars. The agreed settlement includes both the financial payment per se and the cost of the real estate that the ex-wife will receive: a house in Great Britain, a house in the Moscow region, a yacht and a plane. Irina will not become a holder of Roman Abramovich’s business shares. The oligarch will also cover all the costs necessary to maintain his five children.

British tabloids report that the world’s 16th richest man put an end to his family life with Irina because of another woman. It goes about Daria Zhukova, a 25-year-old brunette, a model and a daughter of another oligarch. Rumor has it that she started a love affair with Roman Abramovich in February of 2006, when Daria was introduced to Roman as a girlfriend of Russian tennis player Marat Safin. They say that Daria Zhukova repeatedly joined Abramovich to attend quite a number of football matches with the participation of Chelsea club, which the Russian oligarch owns.

When first rumours about Roman Abramovich’s imminent divorce appeared, Daria Zhukova reportedly left London and came to Moscow, where she spent time with Marat Safin. Afterwards, paparazzi photographers snapped the Russian model in Paris with Abramovich again. The two were enjoying themselves walking around the city and dining at expensive restaurants.

Daria Zhukova owns a three-million dollar apartment in London. Vogue magazine wrote that Daria Zhukova was a student of homeopathy at a medical college in London. She also expresses herself as a fashion designer. Daria Zhukova and Christina Tang, a daughter of a London-based millionaire, launched the production of their own jeans clothing label, Kova&T. Zhukova owns several boutiques in London, Paris and Los Angeles. Her clothes are quite popular with Hollywood stars, Drew Barrymore for example.

It is rumoured that Roman Abramovich has recently started supporting Zhukova’s business financially. They say that he likes the style and taste of the elite student.

Below is the list of property, which Roman Abramovich may share with his ex-wife Irina:

Six-storied mansion in London’s Knightsbridge - $51 million;
Penthouse in London’s Kensington - $54 million;
Five-storied mansion in London’s Belgravia - $20 million;
Toprak Mansion in London with a park (8,000m2) - $93 million;
Fyning Hill estate in British county Western Sussex (440 acres of land) - $33.6 million;
Mansion in St.Tropez, France - $18 million;
Castle in France - $30 million;
Eden Rock Hotel in Cannes - $1 billion;
Villa in the Moscow region - $16 million;
Boeing 767 plane - $120 million;
Business class Boeing plane - $60 million;
Two helicopters - $70 million each;
Pelorus yacht complete with bullet-proof windows, a submarine and anti-missile system - $150 million;
Extasea yacht with a pool and Turkish bath - $140 million;
Le Grand Blue yacht outfitted with a helipad - $120 million;
Chelsea football club - $261 million.

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Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov