Successful career in business starts with office slavery

A baby who is swaddled tight so that he could not suck his tiny fingers in his sleep and relearned by force to write with his right hand when he is a left-hander will inevitably grow into marionette.

If a man is forced to wear tight clothes and if his sexuality is strictly regulated some type of dependence may develop with him. These problems arise when a man begins working in an office.

It is quite natural that a man has to pay a pretty price for a successful career, professional rise and social status. And the things mentioned take not only his time and efforts devoted to office work but also his corporal freedom. Any office work, even the most humane, supposes that an employee must keep himself within a certain framework for at least one third or even half of his life.

This is astonishing but it turns out that early-risers rule the world. This group of people has somehow managed to persuade others that men are quite able to start working at 9:00 a.m. And this is absolutely inhumane many people think.

At school, pupils with all their hearts hate their uniform. Years ago, feminists protested against the world order by burning their bras in public. And now in spite of all the protests that people ever had against uniform may companies have a strict dress-code. May be the protocol business suit is in most cases made so much expensive purposely to keep office employees from the temptation to burn or damage it.

Office employees have to stay within quite tough limits which make their working activity look very much like slavery. If a man has neither time nor inclination to have breakfast early in the morning at home he will have to live till his lunch that usually takes place at 1 or 2 p.m. When business lunch is hastily swallowed office slaves must recommence their work with a greater zeal. And this is a very good situation if a man can spend more than $100 on everyday business lunches a month. If there is not enough money for regular business lunches or there are no cafés or restaurants to have meals office workers have to eat only sandwiches or pies. The latter variant is obviously bad for health as such meals entail gastritis and constipation.

Smokers in the office are another danger to employees’ health. Everybody knows that smoking kills and it is quite obvious that smokers must not be allowed to cause damages to health of non-smokers in the office. Every office should have a separate regularly ventilated room especially for smokers where they can drop in just few times a day not to waste their precious working time.

Employers need to keep in mind that small offices never make for good work. We cannot get rid of cram in traffic jams and in the metro, and it is quite normal that human beings require spacious rooms for effective professional activity. When working in a small room an employee can be viewed by anyone in the office all day round. Also, all telephone conversations can be heard by everybody in the office and a man sitting in a remote corner of the office sees perfectly well every word in the documents on your computer. Crowded offices give no privacy to workers who sometimes need it to get concentrated and work better. We also know that different people need different temperature conditions which concerns office rooms as well. It is hardly likely that heat-loving employees will be as effective as cold-loving ones when staying together in a chilly office.

Corporate parties are expected to be happy occasions for office employees when we think they can eat and drink and enjoy their time. However, majority of employees take corporate parties as a hard duty which turns out to be compulsory for them. Contrary to the opinion that corporate parties are favorable for team-building, employees do not love them and never feel relaxed because of fear to behave or speak in an inappropriate way there.

It is true that any of us can put an end to office slavery by becoming a freelancer. But being a freelancer is not easy at all as earnings in this case depend upon orders of clients. So, a freelance activity is rather risky and demands that a man should be a perfect manager of his time and work. And it is true that freelance activity is impossible for some professional spheres.

Not to feel an office slave a man can choose part-time job or become a telecommuter.

Finally, if your office is not a perfect one you can change it for better. Try to convince your bosses to introduce at least some innovations to make your time in the office more pleasant, abolish the dress code or have a nice rearrangement in the office to let employees feel some kind of privacy there. It is important for employers to mind that employees are more effective when they feel comfortable.


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov