People hating their own naked bodies suffer from mental disorder, dismorphophobia

Dismorphophobia is a disease at which a person is scared of his or her naked body. Doctors explain that people suffering from the disease are mostly dissatisfied and depressed. They usually hate their body proportions, figures in general or just separate body parts such as hips or belly, breasts (too big or too small, with women), flabby muscles (with men) and so on.

It may seem incredible but a person having the dismorphophobia syndrome is the only one who sees the imaginary defects of his or her body. But the fact that other people see or recognize no defects of their body does not diminish the person’s sufferings at all. The disease is particularly dangerous because of its consequences that seriously affect a person’s private life and professional activity.

The body dislike needs to be treated like any other disease. It is first of all important to put your inner self in order. Dietitians state that it is not the extra weight that causes much emotional trouble. It is quite on the contrary: a conflict inside of you or dissatisfaction with your own self results in putting on excessive weight. The causes of the dissatisfaction can be various: either a woman thinks she is a poor professional and does not apply herself properly, or she may think that she is a bad wife and mother. Think carefully and try to understand for what reason you dislike yourself.

And it is certainly no good criticizing your body and shape especially in presence of your female friends. It stands the reason that being in a company of girl friends women often complain of some defects and drawbacks that allegedly spoil their figures. And it is a really hard task to give up this self-reproach but it is necessary to be stopped. Do you think that hysteric talks about putting on two odd kilos are of any use? These talks are absolutely disadvantageous for a woman and may in the end draw too much attention to the defects she sees in her body. And hopefully, women complain of their physical flaws not with a purpose of making it obvious and emphasized for others. Make it a rule for yourself starting with this day: never speak badly of your figure in public.

Besides, start a good tradition of scrutinizing the entire of your naked body in a big mirror. When done regularly, the procedure will help you treat your body and figure more adequately. Find some particularly attractive characteristics of your figure which may be an elegant bearing, young-looking skin, beautiful velvet and even tan.

Stop comparing your body with other women, especially with professional fashion models. Full-bodied women will never gain fashion models' body outlines no matter what type of diets they try. It makes sense loving your body as it is, with all advantages and drawbacks alike. Indeed, the love of your family, children and colleagues is not at all conditioned with parameters of your figure.

Mind your way of thinking. What do you usually think of your body? Criticism and negative thinking never make women’s bodies more attractive and healthier. Louise Hay states that it is important for a woman’s body to know that she loves it. She recommends women regularly look into the mirror and say it to themselves that they look wonderful. “Every glance at your own reflection in a mirror must be supplied with positive information. Just love yourself now and not some day when you loose some of your flesh or pump muscles. Just because you deserve it!”

Women who dislike their bodies usually have sex with partners in absolute darkness as they fear that their men will not like the look of their figures. A woman fears that when having sex by the light her man may see her fleshy flaws. But it is for sure that if you and your man are already together in bed then he quite likes your figure. He must have already studied all aspects of your body much earlier when your had some clothes on. Mind that sexual relations are not a podium to demonstrate looks.

It is sad that the dissatisfaction with the figure and fears connected with it make women constrained in sexual relations while men love relaxed and enterprising women. Men appreciate it a lot when women love their bodies and indulge in sexual experiments.

A woman should follow a new scenario to get rid of the dislike of her body during sexual contacts. Before getting to bed with a man, perform some elegant striptease. The sight of a slowly undressing woman wearing nice lingerie will excite any man, and this show will help a woman forget her bodily dislikes and enjoy sex. If a man compliments his woman’s looks this will also help his woman fight her complexes and stimulate her for being more relaxed when having sex.

Another thing that can also help get rid of complexes connected with a woman’s dislikes of her body is to have sex in broad daylight to give her man a chance to see and enjoy her body. A woman should not reject a posture just because she thinks that it will make her look not quite nice. The universally recognized sex goddess Marilyn Monroe said that her figure was not immaculate at all. And she knew not only the drawbacks of her figure but also could wonderfully emphasize all advantages of it.

After having sex, a woman should behave in a relaxed way as well. Do not put on dressing gowns, shirts or bed sheets to conceal the body when the ecstatic delight of intimacy is over. This looks ridiculous and may suggest to your man that something is wrong with you. It may happen so that a man has absolutely no idea of a woman’s fears and dissatisfaction with the body. Get relaxed and begin to love your body which in its turn will become a strong attraction for men. Men do like women satisfied with their looks!

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov