Truth and lies about men's basic instincts

A recent study indicates that men come up as the most frequently discussed topic when women engage in small talk. Besides, the results of the study enabled scientists produce some curious data on representatives of the male gender. A large-scale opinion poll conducted by psychologists and sociologists in several European countries dispelled numerous stereotypes relating to the “Martians.” Below are some of the stereotypes proved erroneous or correct by the poll:

Men tend to choose female partners which look like their mothers

Wrong. The poll shows that half men really hold their mothers as a model figure in terms of femininity and indisputable authority. However, only 4% of men admit to having chosen their love interests on the basis of similarity between the former and men’s mothers. The remaining 96% believe that the stereotype is rather preposterous and inconsistent with reality.

Men feel jealous of their girlfriends’ past relationships

Correct. About 67% of men never ask their girlfriends how many men they were involved with in the past. On the other hand, 7% of men get a special kick out of this kind of information, and therefore such men like raising the issue now and then.

Men dream of meeting models

Wrong. A mere 2% of men admit that they are ready to pay through the nose for a night with a model. Meanwhile, 32% believe that girls with perfect bodies are all looks and no brains. Some 66% say that curvy girls mean nothing to them, compared to a certain twinkling in the eyes or other special character traits that can be simply irresistible.

Men do not like when women make themselves up in their presence

Wrong. A man hates watching his lover who walks about the place wearing some green mask on her face or plucks her eyebrows for half an hour. But other cosmetic procedures can give him a thrill. For example, 40% of men like watching women brush their hair, 31% like watching women get dressed, and 29% enjoy watching women put lipstick.

Men prefer blondes

The viewpoint is correct provided that the results of the poll are trustworthy. Some 79% of men admit to sizing up blondes in the street more frequently than they stare at brunettes in the same circumstances. Fair-haired women attract men like a strong magnet. Men seem to have a weakness for blondes even if they know for sure that most blondes get their fair hair by courtesy of a hairdresser.

Men are mostly attracted to busty women

Wrong. In this case the size does not matter either, according to 93% of men. Smaller breasts can look as sexy as the bigger ones, and will never come in the way of sex or marriage.

Men believe that women’s glossy magazines are totally useless

Wrong. About 45% of men believe that glossy magazines fit in nicely in the life a stylish woman, the one who will never become a nondescript slovenly creature of the female gender.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov