Paul McCartney pays 7,000 dollars for every hour of his marriage to Heather Mills

The scandalous story with the divorce of world-famous legendary musician, Sir Paul McCartney, seems to be drawing to its end. The 64-year-old former Beatle and his wife, Heather Mills, have come to an extrajudicial agreement. The former spouses agreed that Mills (38-year-old), a former porn star as it recently turned out, would receive 120 million pounds sterling ($235 million) from her former husband. A simple calculation shows that each hour, which McCartney spent with Mills cost the musician $7,000.

When the media reported about McCartney’s divorce, the news produced a global sensation. No one wanted to believe in the end of the happy marriage which the kind-hearted English gentleman McCartney was having. The legendary musician had the reputation of a truly faithful man. He spent 30 years living with his first wife Linda who died of cancer. His second marriage with Heather seemed to be a happy family union too: the two had a daughter, were always together, participating in world tours and Greenpeace actions.

As soon as happiness went up in smoke, newspapers started publishing shocking details of Heather Mills’s true feelings towards her husband. Sky News quoted Heather who said that Paul McCartney was supposedly drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana and beating her during four years of their marriage. The Sun wrote that Mills was constantly insulting McCartney. To crown it all, reporters found a magazine with explicit photographs of Heather Mills.

The scandal eventually damaged Paul McCartney’s health. His daughters - Stella and Mary – convinced the father to end the divorce battle quickly and pay a considerable compensation to his wife.

It has been reported that Heather will be publicly awarded $13 million, most of which she will donate to charity. However, Paul will privately give Heather $158 million, which includes $4 million a year for the divorce settlement and $3 million a year in maintenance for their three-year-old daughter Beatrice. The staggering fee also includes $4 million for their English homes, a $10 million fund for homes in the U.S. and Europe and $3 million towards staff fees and general expenses. aul McCartney says he has seen a psychiatrist since his marriage broke apart in May.

The former Beatle tells Britain's Radio Times magazine that the process of writing music is therapeutic, but he has also been helped by professional counseling.

Mills McCartney has threatened to sue at least three British newspapers that published disparaging claims about her husband, alleged to have been contained in divorce court papers drawn up on her behalf, the AP reports.

Source: agencies

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov