7 female myths about male sex preferences

Contrary to a popular belief, it takes more than loads of personal experience to find out what kinds of things men really hate doing in bed. Are you sure you know every little bit about your partner? You could be wrong being under the impression that your partner is crazy about your latex panties.

We can give a try and expose some of the myths women have regarding male sexual preferences.

Myth No 1: men prefer women in lingerie

These days women with cash on hand can buy a variety of lingerie to choose from. Women can put on see-through or lacy lingerie items made of silk, satin or other fabrics and materials. However, the power of lingerie is largely overestimated. Hordes of men agree that women in the buff look much sexier.

It stands to reason that stores selling lingerie have tons of lace and silk, fishnet stockings, strapless tops and corsets, g-strings and slips. The mind of every woman who tries on all those sensual luxury items is focused on a man who is going to remove them in the nick of time. A woman may even be under the impression that her brand-new embroidered bra will surely show him the way down the aisle or a trendy restaurant at the very least.

Relax, dear ladies. Your money is the main reason why lingerie designers are working round the clock. Lingerie is not meant to win a man’s love, it is built to put you under the spell and get you spending. By and large, men simply do not care much for lingerie. Well, a pair of granny undies coming into view in the heat of the moment may turn into passion killers and throw cold water even on a certified stud. On the other hand, only a small number of males otherwise known as fetishists can tell lace from elaborate embroidery.

It would be safe to assume an average guy is pretty indiscriminating with regard to lingerie or a lack of it on his sexual partner. Men tend to take lingerie for granted because women happen to have a penchant for wearing it.

Myth No 2: men like erotic lingerie

It is quite all right if your boyfriend or husband encourages you to try on some leather garter belt in a sex shop. But a full set of kinky erotic lingerie purchased on your own initiative is most likely to be a waste of money.

At best, a man will be greatly surprised at the sight of a BDSM collar around your neck or some “sexy” puffed-up bra with holes in the cups. He is likely to ask you take it off during foreplay. At worst, the outrageous outfit will give him a fright and send him packing. Alternatively, a pair of crimson panties with an opening above the shady nook will fail to produce a desired effect.

Myth No 3: men like to bring foods into sex play

The lights are down and soft. You reach out for a fridge and produce a can of whipped cream. You spray cream to paint some fancy pattern on his wide chest and start liking it up with your hot and teasing tongue… Sounds pretty sexy, does not it?

But what if his chest is kind of hairy and your cream tactic is no fun any more, it is rather messy and embarrassing, especially for your partner.

Likewise, fresh strawberries are very delicate and leave unseemly stains, cakes crumble easily, and chocolates melt down and become a mess. Sweet foods look sexy only in the movies. In reality, they are sticky and unpleasant to play with. Men are believed to be strongly opposed to the use of edible sex toys. No man has ever dreamed of being covered with jam like some croissant.

Licking a drop of wine or other drink off his partner’s navel area or breast is the farthest a man can go when engaging in this sort of food frolicking. However, some men may as well take more pleasure in biting off a zesty ham sandwich in the meantime.

Myth No4:menliketalkingdirtyin bed

We are not talking about some tender gibberish that occurs pretty often in a drowse following intercourse. We mean screaming at the top on one’s voice such words of appreciation and encouragement as “Oh yeah, baby, gimme every inch of your love and do it harder!” Various terms of endearment (no euphemisms) applicable to private parts and positions on the killing floor are highly popular or so they say.

In actuality, men are better off without the cries of passion and lustful moans performed by women in heat. According to men, they feel like actors being shot in a cheap porn movie, and all those orders and instructions make them nervous and case damage to their libido. Most men simply hate to heart the word “more” being mentioned because it is a whammy; it makes them feel like some miserable underperformers who could never satisfy their ostensibly insatiable sexual partners.

Things get a little complicated as regards the terms of description for the male genitals. Men reportedly favor impersonal adjective constructions e.g. “such a huge one” that omit direct references. Some men frown on obscenities relating to their family jewels. The word penis seems too medical, and therefore has no air of sexuality. Member virile also sounds somewhat stupid. Men are unanimous with regard to any diminutives or flattering monikers used to describe the pecker. So give it another thought before calling his manhood “the Princess Sophie.” Likewise, “the untamable nephrite hammer” does not sound any better.

Men (if they are not politicians) normally prefer action to talk. Sex is not an exception to the rule.

Myth No 5: men like practicing anal sex

The assertion may be true once a small yet important reservation ceases to exist. Most men are too shy to ask for anal sex. Some men will say “forget it” if you are the first to come up with the idea.

No matter how strange it may seem, a laid-back attitude and self-confidence are required for those men who fancy anal sex. Lots of men tend to believe that women can derive no pleasure from anal sex, and therefore the practice is rather dubious if not questionable. The misconception is built around some drawbacks of men’s upbringing. Such individuals normally repress their anal sex dreams, which end up banished and virtually extinct. Some men are too fastidious in terms of personal hygiene; others are pretty scared at the prospect of being asked by their partners to swap the roles and share an experience by using a vibrator.

By and large, anal sex can be good for some people and bad for the others. Do not worry if you belong to the latter. Your man is most likely to fall under the same category.

Myth No 6: men fall asleep shortly after sex

Fortunately, egotism between the sheets has long fallen out of fashion. Most men admit that they can be gratified sexually only after satisfying their partners. A man can make a lot of effort in bringing his woman to orgasm, using any of his tools and parts that suit the purpose. Some men are even ready to sacrifice their own orgasmic pleasure in order to perform at the peak of their lovemaking capacity.

However, this coin has its flip side too. Female orgasm is a complex and tricky thing. At times a woman can feel satisfied without achieving an orgasm. But some men are hard to get the message across; they can fight the long and relentless battle for your orgasm and thus render you unconscious in the end.

Myth No 7: men love oral sex

This is not a myth. It is reality.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Alex Naumov