Top model plans family budget and maintains her husband

Famous fashion top-model and wife of English Lord Justin Portman, Natalia Vodianova visited her native place, the Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod to open a center for physically handicapped children to play. But the visit made Natalia feel a bit nervous. When Natalia, Justin and their six-month-old daughter Neva arrived at the Moscow airport of Domodedovo they had to spend twenty fours hours there because of zero-zero weather. They could not transfer to a plane to go to Nizhny Novgorod. When the fashion model and her family finally arrived in her native city there was nobody to meet them.

Journalists of the Russian newspaper Zhizn who came to the airport in Nizhny Novgorod to interview the top-model offered Natalia their own car to go to a hotel.

When the fashion model settled at the hotel she gratefully thanked the journalists and said they saved her little daughter from starvation. Natalia did not expect she would have to spend so much time at the airport in Moscow and did not take enough bottles with baby food. She had to divide one bottle of baby food that she had for several feedings. Natalia did not risk buying baby food at airport stores.

Vadianova’s elder son Lukas came to Nizhny Novgorod from Germany an hour earlier and was waiting for the parents there. Natalia says that the son has got used to flying from one country to another. The boy insists that he must travel alone having no governess by his side. He says he is grown-up enough for such traveling.

It is Natalia’s established tradition to bring huge trunks of presents for her family. This time the presents were a luxurious evening handbag for $4,000 for her mother, fashionable clothes and shoes for the sisters, a casket decorated with gems for the grandmother and warm winter boots made of sheepskin for the grandfather.

Natalia’s mother was happy to see her daughter but she did not like that Natalia cut her hair shorter. The fashion model explained that she had her hair longer because it was extended. She also said that she cropped Justin’s hair close every time they go to Russia. And the beautiful woman says she will not hesitate to do the same to her hair if the husband asks her about it.

Natalia paid $300,000 for opening the play area in Nizhny Novgorod.

She says her sisters who still live in the native city have no place for recreation. Oksana, 19, suffers from infantile cerebral paralysis. Christina, 10, is a very active child and she needs a play area. Natalia plans to realize similar projects in other cities in Russia. In addition to equipment, such play stations will also have instructors and tutors to take care of children while parents will have an opportunity to have rest at a café nearby.

As for her own family, Natalia says that she and her husband dream of having five own children and also want to adopt two Russian ones. The fashion model says it is a popular and prestigious tendency in the West to adopt children. What is more, her son Lukas wants to have a brother of the same age he is.

It is incredible but Natalia confesses she fixes the family budget herself. “I will never forget the terrible period when mom and me had to watch every kopeck; we bough a loaf of bread and divided it between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Justin will never understand what it means. My family budget includes spending on food, clothes, flights and even tips. I feel upset when it turns out that I have spent more than planned. Today, I am the only source of income in the family, so in a certain way I maintain my husband now. All fees he is paid Justin spends on luxurious presents for me and for the children,” Natalia says.

Natalia Vodianova told the Zhizn newspaper journalists about a hard period in her family life. She said it was not accidental that the little daughter came to the world. Usually, Natalia and Justin go out together and do everything together.

The husband is terribly jealous, Natalia says. In 2005 Justin first was ill for some time and then was plunged into organization of his exhibition. The couple spent about two months separately, and when they reunited Natalia felt she grew cold towards Justin. She had got more new temptations in her life. Justin noticed something was wrong about the relations with the wife and did his best to make Natalia pregnant with Neva. At that time, Natalia said she began to realize she would never have anyone so close and dear as her husband. Now Justin accompanies Natalia everywhere even if he feels not well.

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Source: Zhizn

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Author`s name Alex Naumov