Russian banker seals his wife in a barrel and throws it into the sea

A wealthy Russian banker devised quite a plan for taking revenge on his unfaithful wife while on vacation in the Crimea. He had her sealed in a barrel, which was thrown into the sea. Then the banker had second thoughts about his actions. He tried to rescue his wife on his own. Eventually, it was him who had to be rescued.

The newly married Eduard and Rita went on vacation to the Crimea. They arrived from a small Russian town. Their vacation was running smoothly at the beginning. The spouses could enjoy themselves at last.

The point is that Eduard’s friends and relatives were opposed to the relationship between the 32-year-old Eduard and Rita. They believed the marriage was a mesalliance. Eduard was a CEO of a large bank while Rita was a prostitute prior to marrying Eduard.

Eduard, his wife and two bodyguards stayed in a hotel. The couple spent two weeks traveling about the Crimea. However, their conjugal bliss was short-lived. Rita started stealing away into the night regularly. She got back at dawn. Rita, a native of Yalta, explained her disappearances by telling stories about her hanging out with friends whom she had not seen for ages.

According to Eduard, his wife vanished without a trace one night. She was located on the following day in one of the city bars. The woman was sitting on the lap of a stranger, sipping her cocktail. The cuckold has rather vague recollections of the events that followed. A fight ensued, and Rita got her share of punches too, said Eduard to the police later.

The police found out that Rita had been forced into a car and whisked off to the hotel. The guards locked her up in one of the rooms for “educational purposes.” Eduard drank vodka next door thinking over revenge.

Later Eduard confessed to the police that on that sleepless night he was recalling ways and methods by which unfaithful wives were punished in different countries. “In the East they put such a woman in the ground up to her neck and stone her. In Africa, they place a tire soaked with gasoline over her neck and set it on fire,” says Eduard. He also says he did not like any of the traditional punishments.

He came up with a brilliant idea at the crack of dawn. His bodyguards brought a big wooden barrel with a lid. The guards put the woman inside the barrel and nailed the lid up. Then they took the barrel to the beach and threw it into the water.

A group of seamen happened to witness the developments on the beach, reports Pervaya Krymskaya. They apparently thought that there was something suspicious about three men throwing a big barrel into the waves. The fishermen took the barrel ashore shortly after the banker’s SUV drove away.

The fishermen were amazed to find a human inside the barrel. They believe the woman could have died if the barrel had been made of tin. Rita thanked her saviors and went straight to the nearest police station where she reported her husband.

After arriving to the crime scene, the police saw a wild-eyed man running frantically up and down the beach. The man kept gibbering excitedly about some barrel lost in the sea. As it turned out, panic seized Eduard after he got sober in the morning and he realized what he had done.

He climbed into his vehicle and went to the beach to rescue his beloved wife. At one point the jealous husband was ready to jump into the waves so the police had to restrain him.

The criminal story had a happy ending of sorts. Eduard was taken to the police station. He kneeled down before his wife and begged her for forgiveness. His wife reportedly forgave him. She did not press charges.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov