Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov

Cuckold beats wife brutally and stitches up her face without anaesthetic

A Russian man residing in the city of Tyumen was tormenting his wife for two weeks. The man was the only person to help the woman after family fights: he would use common needles and threads to stitch up open wounds on the woman’s face and legs. The man, named as Ivan Nikodimov, said at the trial that he had mutilated the face of his beautiful wife from jealousy.

Ivan and Elena Nikodimovs used to be a happy family. They became parents to a healthy baby boy, Ivan started working as a police officer. Elena said that their life changed dramatically when her husband was sent to a war zone in the Northern Caucasus. The 30-year-old man suffered a contusion there in a battle and became an absolutely different person afterwards. He became extremely explosive and suspected his wife of adultery.

The man started spying on Elena. He would control her spending, never let her see her friends and demanded absolute obedience. Family fights became a part of their daily schedule. Ivan eventually left Elena and started living with another woman. However, he would visit his son every day and did not intend to divorce his wife. Soon after that Ivan quit his job at the police and became a driver in a small company. That was the point when Ivan and Elena developed even greater hatred to each other. “Ivan was making good money but he didn’t help his son financially. He would only bring cheap and unnecessary gifts to him,” Elena said.

One day, when Ivan Nikodimov came to visit his son, he saw that the boy was staying at home alone and hungry. The little boy told his father that his mother started drinking on a regular basis. The boy also said that she was bringing home strangers, all of them men. While Ivan was listening to his son’s story, Elena came back home and brought her lover along. When Nikodimov realized that the boy was telling him the truth, he was madly infuriated and decided to take revenge on his spouse.

Ivan kicked the lover out, sent the little boy to bed and started beating Elena brutally. The tortures and malicious humiliations continued for two weeks. When forensic experts examined Elena, they found numerous bone fractures and burns on her body. The woman had a brain concussion and deformed facial bones. The woman’s feet were all covered with skin burns: Nikodimov was torturing Elena with cigarettes.

Elena said that Ivan tried to render her first medical aid after those tortures. “He would take a needle and a thread and start stitching up open wounds on my face,” the woman said. Investigators concluded that the tortures exhausted the woman and she could not cry for help.

Neighbours saved the poor woman from inevitable death. They heard the woman moaning and called the ambulance. When the woman was hospitalized, doctors said that the skin on her face was severely damaged and could not be recreated.

Ivan Nikodimov pleaded himself guilty, albeit only partially. The man said that he committed the crime in a state of temporary insanity. The man said that his wife was a very bad mother and always gave him reasons to suspect her of unfaithfulness.

Prosecutor Valery Belentsov said that it was an extremely brutal and cold-blooded crime. As a result, the court found Ivan Nikodimov criminally sane and sentenced him to seven years in jail.

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov