The center of women's ecstatic multiple orgasms still remains undetected

One day German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg discovered a special zone on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra which produced an intense orgasm when stimulated. Unfortunately, there is no evidence saying under what circumstances the researcher made the discovery. Were those any sexual experiments or the doctor mistakenly palpated the anterior wall of the vagina instead of the back one? Is it probable that Grafenberg made the discovery in the 1940s when German doctors were involved in cruel experiments in concentration camps?

The G-spot (and this is the name given to the area found by Grafenberg) discoverer got neither Nobel Prize nor universal recognition for the discovery he did. Probably Grafenberg failed to win universal recognition because of his confused recommendations as concerning the G-spot search on the female body. Unfortunately, 90 percent of women state they cannot discover the G-spot. Soon after the magic spot was discovered it was absolutely forgotten as unpopular. It was just in the 1980s that the Pandora box was opened correctly.

Within the many years since the 1980s much has been written about the G-spot and the recommendations how to find it. Any popular book on sex and sexual relations mentions it. However, in addition to the amateur opinion it would be interesting to know what professionals think about it. But scientists are still debating about the essence and the role of the G-spot. It seems that they are still uncertain as concerning its location, size and form.

On the one hand, the G-spot study is not a priority research and there are no scientists studying the issue deeply. On the other hand, it is difficult to find a great number of women for required experiments. And it makes no sense to involve animals in these experiments as for many other studies and experiments. So, there are no results concerning the G-spot study that could be considered reliable from the statistical point of view.

It is interesting that gynecologists, the people whom we expect to know everything connected with the female genitals sometimes seem to be absolutely ignorant of the G-spot existence.

A woman endocrinous gynecologist says she has never heard of the G-spot. She adds that gynecologists usually examine the back vagina wall and not the anterior wall where the G-spot is said to be located.

Another woman gynecologist seems to be perfectly aware of the G-spot existence and even adds that she herself has it. But usually gynecologists do not examine the anterior wall of the vagina and consequently have no chance to notice it. And it cannot be seen in any case. The G-spot can be discovered with palpation only and it turns out to be like a small bumping not as smooth as other areas of the vagina wall.

So, gynecologists give no trustworthy information about the G-spot. Probably morbid anatomists know it better?

They say that vagina is a highly sensitive female organ surrounded with a net of nervous fibers, the so-called vaginal plexus. They form big and small ganglions in the depth of the anterior and rear vagina walls the lower sections of which proceed into the urinary bladder nerves. The G-spot is supposedly connected with one of these ganglions. And orgasms that women experience when the spot is stimulated are the result of double innervation.

Clitoris stimulation goes through the genital nerve thus resulting in clitoral orgasm; and vaginal stimulation goes through the pelvic nerves and ends in a vaginal orgasm. It is said that a woman may have a mixed and more intense orgasm after the G-spot stimulation. Theoretically, this is explained with the fact that the area combines both fibers connected with the genital nerve and the fibers of lower pelvic nerves.

The G-spot is a zone of about 1-3 cm located five centimeters from the vagina opening. It can be felt as a small swelling on the anterior vagina wall close to the urinary bladder. But it is not easy to discover as there is a thickening of folds on the anterior vagina wall as well. This anterior folded torus can make the search especially difficult.

It is easiest to find the G-spot if the woman is laying on her stomach, with probing fingers exerting pressure downward against the anterior vaginal wall (the side directly behind and closest to the navel) generally between two and three inches within the vaginal tract. For a woman seeking this organ on her own for masturbatory purposes, it might be most easily found if she assumes a squatting position.

Having been evolved from quadrupeds, our sexual organs are positioned for maximum stimulation from the a posteriori sexual position, in which the man enters the woman from behind. With Western sexual practices emphasizing the male-superior (missionary) position almost to the exclusion of all others, it is little wonder that the Grafenberg area has been overlooked for so long.

When unstimulatead the G-spot can hardly be discovered. It better swells in response to stimulation immediately before or after orgasm. To find your G-spot, insert a curved finger, or two, towards your belly. Move them in a “come hither” motion, and apply firm pressure. If your fingers are too short to reach, try a curved sex toy.

When a woman’s G-spot is stimulated she may first feel some vesical tenesmus or discomfort. Soon, the sensations are replaced with increasing arousal. Be careful not to damage the mucous membrane of the vagina when pressing the G-spot rather hard. Some women of those participating in the study meant to find the G-spot experienced somewhat like feminine ejaculation. Women may mistake the fluid for urinary incontinence but the fluid released is quite different from urine.

The G-spot search may give couples a new experience of playing the doctor-patient sexual game.

Do not give up if your searches for the G-spot turned out to be a failure. You may be a success next time. And second, it is true that not all women respond in an intense orgasm to G-spot stimulation. It is up to you whether to achieve orgasm with the G-spot stimulation or not. Just enjoy your sex!


Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov