Sharon Stone visits Moscow and puts warm underwear on

One of the most beautiful actresses in the world, the never-fading star of Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone, arrived in Moscow yesterday. The actress was invited to participate in the opening of the Christian Dior boutique in the heart of Moscow next to the Red Square. On Thursday the global movie star took a tour of Moscow and had dinner in a restaurant where she was offered traditional Russian dishes.

Miss Stone arrived in Moscow from Frankfort. The actresses demanded she should be greeted in Russia's capital with flowers and great enthusiasm. “She wanted to be paid attention to, although she was strongly against any paparazzi photographers,” a person from the actress’s team told the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

Needless to say that Russian tour managers met all requirements expressed by “Catherine Tramell.” The actress was accommodated in a luxury suite in Ararat Park Hyatt Hotel, where Madonna stayed in September during her Confessions Tour stop in Moscow.

The people who provided security for the Hollywood star were the same individuals who protected her during her previous visit to Moscow ten years ago. The actress recognized their faces and was thrilled to meet them again.

The actress did not miss her chance to find faults with the Russian managers organizing her stay in Moscow. Soon after her arrival the actress complained of bad air conditioning in her hotel room. Afterwards Stone claimed that she disliked the color of her bed linen in the room. She said she wanted the blue linen be replaced with pink.

While personnel was fixing the air conditioning and changing the sheets, the actress and her crew went downstairs for dinner. Sharon Stone ordered four courses of Canadian lobster salad, sea food soup, fried pork on bone and a bottle of expensive cognac. The dinner cost Sharon 1,200 euros.

Ms. Stone visited Russia before in 1996 for the presentation of the Russian version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. This time the actress decided to spend her time walking about Moscow. Two blonde women were accompanying the actress during her tour of the city. The women looked like Sharon herself, but they were her makeup artist and interpreter.

Sharon got into one of the three Mercedes vehicles provided especially for her and went to see the Red Square. The walk did not last long: the weather was pretty chilly, and the actress had to return back to the hotel. While going back, the actress was overwhelmed with the view of the Kremlin. She asked the driver to stop the car and got out to enjoy the view.

It also became known that a wealthy Russian businessman invited Sharon Stone to St.Petersburg. The oligarch promised to pay the actress $1.5 million for a visit.

Based on Russian media news reports

Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov