Intimate tattoos spice up your life and give you sex drive

The only difference between an intimate tattoo and a regular one has to do with the location of the former and the number of persons entitled to viewing.

An ornament on the ankle or a “hoop” around the forearm is destined for general viewing. An Oriental hieroglyph tattooed on the shoulder blade or a “lizard” gracing the collarbone is easily noticeable especially if the owner wears a low-cut top on a hot summer day. The intimate tattoo does not mean putting pigment into the skin of one’s private parts. It can be considered pretty intimate if done over the lower part of the belly or on the buttocks or breasts (applies to women).

Click here to see pictures of girls applying patterns on their naked bodies

Nobody but your partner will be aware of the pattern decorating a secret spot of your body. Those who like visiting bathhouses, saunas, solariums and nudist beaches have more opportunities for displaying their secret tattoos.

The following personalities had tattoos (not the intimate ones) on their bodies: the kings of England George V, Harold, Edward VII; the king of Denmark Frederick; the queen of Greece Olga; the Russian czar Nicholas II; the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill; the legendary spy/dancer Mata Hari. Some of our famous contemporaries are tattooed too e.g. Bjork, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Princess Stephanie.

Men and women hold different attitudes toward intimate tattoos.

The majority of women aged between 18 and 45 believe a pattern tattooed around the private parts may look good on their lovers. From their point of view, a small tattoo gracing the lower backside, an upper region of the buttocks or a spot slightly below the navel area will look pretty sexy.

Most women are not thrilled by the sight of pictorial tattoos around the penis; fulsome tattoos shaped like “ears” or “wings” are thought to be the biggest turn-off. The male sex organ covered with tattoos is likely to scare the women away.

Men seem to be more conservative on the issue. Only a third of men would like to see intimate tattoos on their girlfriends. One of the most typical reasons against the intimate tattoos has to do with deformations affecting a pattern following childbirth and development of lumpy fat deposits under the skin. A popular comment goes like this: “One of my female companions has a couple of pretty lizards tattooed around her navel. Well, I can imagine those lizards start turning into plump turtles when the lady gets pregnant.”

All men are unanimous in their dislike for a tattoo on the breasts because “everything will sag with age.” Many men believe tattoos on the butt or pubic area befit women of easy virtue. The region located between the small of the back and coccyx is the only female body site approved by every man for the purpose of tattooing. Fortunately, not all men are so puritanical. Some of them get off on this kind of tattoos e.g. orchids and snakes reaching down to the most intimate parts of thebody.

Tattooing religious images are thought to be largely inappropriate. The giant crucifixes tattooed on the back were quite fashionable among the British sailors in the 18th-19th centuries. The poor fellows believed the tattoos could have protected them from corporal punishment. But those were rather naïve beliefs.

According to statistics, women are more inclined to have their bodies tattooed than men. First, there is something sexy in the process of tattooing intimate body sites. Besides, the majority of tattoo artists are men. Second, getting a new tattoo is always fun. Third, a tattoo placed on a special site can bring about an air of mystery. And, last but not least, a tattoo is a good means of putting disguise over the skin blemishes, scars and stretch marks.

Use your brains when choosing an intimate tattoo pattern. Steer clear of any spiders and web-like images: those are the signs of drug addicts. Roses with thorns, butterflies, boars, musical instruments and mammals with gaping mouths are not recommended either. People may take you for a lesbian or woman of very light virtue if you wear one of the above. Straight men should stay away from tattoos shaped like unicorns and handshakes with a flower between the palms – those are normally favored by gays. Portraits, names and slogans inked on the skin will look pretty cheesy. A lover’s name tattooed on a woman’ rump will be hardly appreciated. An army tattoo on a man’s pubic area is unlikely to have a lot of pulling power.

The present-day tattoo methods are thought to be completely safe provided that tattooing is done by certified professional tattoo artists operating from licensed establishments.

The price of a tattoo the size of a cigarette pack will range from $50 to $150 depending on the complexity of design and class of a tattoo shop.

Professional tattoo artists use a broad spectrum of pigments and state-of-the-art tattoo machines. A customer can thumb through an artist’s portfolio with photos of tattoos and get all kinds of advice as to the choosing of a pattern, tattoo methods and skin care for the scaring period. Getting a tattoo does nothurt, by and large. The sensations produced by a tattoo machine or tattoo gun are rather unpleasant, though. The sensations become more intense if a tattoo is painted on a bony site or thinner skin e.g. over the ribs, wrist, spinal cord, sacrum, and the buttocks (surprise, surprise).

In about 4 weeks the tattoo should be how it is going to be except for the effects of sun exposure and generally fading or blurring with age. It is easy to give the tattoo a fresher look if need be.

Some sexologists claim tattoos are good for those who wish to enhance their sex life. The modest folks can try the so-called “smart tattoo” courtesy of the latest Japanese technology. The tattoo is flesh-colored and can be seen only after the person takes a hot bath or has an orgasm…


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov