Midget woman gives birth to two normal babies

Chilean midget woman whose statue barely reaches 89 cm gave birth to her second child last week in the city of Valdivia which is located near the country’s capital Santiago, AFP reports.

New-born baby-boy named Alfredo arrived three months prior to the scheduled delivery date weighting a little over 1 kg and measuring 36 cm. The tiny woman’s health is so fragile that many predicted that her pregnancy would end with an inevitable death of either the baby or its mother.

Fearing for the young mother’s life throughout the 24 weeks doctors attempted to convince Leslie Mardones, 23, that abortion was her best alternative, but the woman insisted on having the baby at the risk of her own life. Alfredo was born without complications. “The child is in perfect condition,” the head doctor at the Valdivia hospital was quoted as saying.

Leslie Mardones has Morquio syndrome, which prevents her bones from normal development, and Alfredo is her second healthy child. Last summer Mardones gave birth to her daughter Catalina, who initially weighed less than 1 kg and had to remain in the hospital for one extra month following her birth.

The happy mother is thrilled to know that despite the odds and predictions her new-born boy did not have the Morquio syndrome either. "This is a miracle of God," Mardones says through tears.

Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina