Long-awaited baby killed in boiling water

For seven long years Karasevs have been fighting for their right to become parents. Their daughter’s appearance became for the couple a blessing from heaven, but the happy father never got to see his long-expected girl. On the second day of the newborn baby’s life a nurse placed her alive inside the pot of boiling water.

Andrei Karasev fished out his future wife from an ice-whole during the special winter immersion, which is a Russian Orthodox tradition. The unsuccessful ice swimmer froze to her bones and couldn’t even move. Obviously that was not the best time for the rescued girl to meet a potential date. Nina was taken to one of the city's hospitals in an ambulance after she was diagnosed with severe hypothermia. In the morning Andrei came to visit the recovering victim.

After a short conversation with Andrei Nina realized that he was the man she had been looking for. “I always believed,” she said, “that if you feel like you love someone you should not play any games with him. And Andrei happened to be the ideal I always dreamed about.”

The wedding was simple – only the closest relatives and friends were invited. But from the first day every step became very difficult for the Karasevs. As for the parenthood, Nina and Andrei had to wait 7 eternal years before the dream could come true. The doctors insisted that they should adopt a child from an orphanage because Nina’s chances for pregnancy for minimal. Frivolous ice bathing was a costly dare after all.

Andrei tried to support Nina the best he could by constantly citing to her words of his favorite author, “The expectation is torturous and happiness is momentary. But don’t let this become drama!” Nina trusted her husband and kept up her hope.

On the eighth year of their life together she finally became pregnant. “Our joy simply had no end.” Nina recalls, “Andrei seemed half-crazy to me in those days. Besides his regular work he got a job as a night loader. The extra money he made went on purchasing everything we needed for the baby.”

For a time Karasevs began to believe that the good fortune actually entered their home. Despite the fact that Nina’s pregnancy was very difficult and involved serious complications the overwhelmed parents sensed that their child would be born healthy. And so it really was, but the happy mother got to see her baby-daughter only once. On the second day after Katya’s birth the head doctor came to Nina and told her that the girl had died.

The details of Katya’s death were related to the Karasievs by the obstetrician. Their daughter died due to the negligence of an inexperienced nurse, who had been working in the hospital for a couple of months.

While she was washing the newborn girl, the nurse got confused and mistakenly placed the baby inside the container with boiling water. Having realized her horrible mistake, panicking nurse wrapped the still living child in swaddles and ran away to her home, Ulyanovskiy Meridian reports.

“When I learned the truth I was ready to commit a crime,” Nina says, “I so wanted to punish that nurse! But I could not bring back my daughter that way. How can you burn a child and then simply go home? She could have saved her but she preferred to escape. She took not only Katya’s life but also the lives of me and my husband. She stole our everything.”

The next morning the girl was found dead. The inflicted trauma was so extensive that Katya was buried still wrapped in the same swaddling clothes. Nina and Andrei would not let a single person touch their child.

After a bleak year has elapsed since the tragedy Andrei made a decision to adopt a female child from one of the orphanages. Nina was protesting the decision at first because she felt that the adoption would betray the memory of Katya. Meanwhile Andrei was persistently trying to re-establish the spirit and order in their family. “No drama!” he kept telling his wife every morning, afternoon and evening. And so Nina trusted him again.

Karasevs named the adopted girl Sveta. The name “Katya” became for them somewhat a taboo, and they were afraid to give the new girl a similar fate along with that name. Now Nina gladly talks about their lively daughter’s mischievous character.

Olga Pavlova

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina