Russian man fathers baby at 73

73-year-old man had a child.

Doctors were amazed: the energetic retiree who came to the hospital to pick up the brand-new mother turned out to be the actual father of the baby.

“If you don’t mind telling us, what is the age difference between you and your wife?” the intrigued nurses asked him. “Almost 50!” - Valdimir Sharoyan proudly responded, - “And this will be our third baby together! In my family all men were rather productive. But my uncle became a father at the age of 65. Now it looks like I beat his record.”

Little Sofia is, indeed, the third child in Sharoyan’s family. Before she was born the couple had two more children, all of them three years apart: son Stephan who looks just like his mother Larissa and daughter Susana – Vladimir ’s own copy.

“Women who also were in the hospital to give birth starred at me speechless once they learned that Vladimir is my husband,” Larissa smiled, “No one believes that a man could father a child at this age. It seems we are blessed by God – our love continues to strengthen.”

More then 15 years ago Vladimir had a relationship with Larissa’s mother Natalya who had three children from her previous marriage. Unfortunately they separated within a year, and Vladimir felt the desire to go back and visit the woman only 7 years later. When he showed up Natalya’s 15-year-old daughter Larissa opened the door.

“Our mother is not around any more. She drowned,” the girl mumbled and threw herself in his arms in tears, “Don’t abandon us, Vladimir!”

From that day on the man became the children’s caretaker and supporter. He gave them gifts and provided for them financially. Slowly true love developed between Larissa and her former step-father.

“For over a year I resisted our feelings,” Vladimir admits, “I thought I was too old. After all I already have 12 grandchildren. But now I don’t regret for a second that we are together. My young wife makes me feel younger.”

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Oksana Anikina