Elder Jonah of Odessa predicted Ukraine conflict and war between Russia and the West

Elder Jonah of Odessa predicted war between Russia and the West

The third Easter that the Orthodox world celebrated on May 5, 2024, is believed to be a victorious one for Russia, Elder Jonah of Odessa predicted.

Victorious Easter in 2024

Elder Jonah of Odessa, the confessor of the Holy Dormition Monastery, who died in 2012 at the age of 87, warned long before the coup in Kyiv about the war that would erupt between a "small state” and Russia. The war, he predicted, would sow "chaos” in the world and spread "spiritual sprite” around Ukraine:

"Ukraine and Russia do not exist separately — there is one Holy Rus'. Our enemies decided to divide us in order to destroy Orthodoxy in Little Rus'. God will not let that happen.”

Conflict in Ukraine to last for three years

According to Jonah's predictions, the military conflict in Ukraine will last for three years, as he described it in three Easters.

The first Easter was the bloody one. Indeed, in the spring of 2022, when active hostilities began and peace negotiations in Istanbul were thwarted, the special military operation in Ukraine ceased to be a police operation in nature — it became a bloody war.

The second Easter was the hungry one. In 2023, having lost territories, people and electricity, Ukraine slipped into poverty, the state began to experience difficulties with social payments. Ordinary people began to save on food.

The third Easter is victorious. According to the prophecy of Jonah of Odessa, "Russia and its spirit” will win, and Ukraine "will return to the Orthodox faith and get rid of false teachings.”

"Everyone who goes against God and Russia will die. The Lord gave the Russians to His Mother, the Victorious Voivoda; whoever remains alive will have a good life,” the elder predicted.

In connection with NATO's desire to come to the aid of Ukraine by deploying troops there, it is worth recalling some of his other predictions:

  • Germany will face a "spiritual explosion” with diseases, and another one — a physical one.
  • France and Italy will come across dirt, fire, diseases and insect infestations. There will be neither food nor medicine.
  • A lot will die in the UK: "a bright light will cause a big wave."
  • In Greece, after a strong earthquake, a "big gathering” will take place, the country will "wake up” and take the right path with Russia.
  • Trouble will come to Turkey from the Bosphorus Strait, and "blood will flow like a river.”

The elder advised Georgia to revised their views, because "the Lord will tolerate the disguised government until the Easter hours.” Georgia has revised.

The future does not bode well for the US either:

"Dollars will be scattered on the ground like paper, the wind will be carrying them away like autumn leaves, and no one will need them.”

According to Elder Jonah, China will play a huge role in victory over America. Yet, China will then want to attack Russia, but a terrible epidemic will spark in the country.

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Author`s name Lyuba Lulko
Editor Dmitry Sudakov