Ten reasons why women say NO to men

If a woman says NO to a man’s invitation to have a cup of coffee together, he should not give up and all the same keep on making acquaintances with women. It is important for men to foresee refusals from women and try to evade them. Here are the ten popular reasons that make women turn down men’s invitations and nullify their attempts to get acquainted.

1. Selfishness and hatred of men. The modern big city society, both men and women, are awfully anxious about their own lives only and do not care about other people’s feelings. They believe their sexual attractiveness must be sold at the highest price. Women of the type love to humiliate men and make them feel ill at ease.

2. Man’s looks betray he is short of cash. Women pay particular attention to men’s financial status. So, those males who look like having not enough money stand a poor chance of getting YES to their invitation for a cup of coffee. Men should better seek acquaintance with women who look as well-to-do as they are.

3. She is not alone. A woman may turn down other men’s invitations in case she already has a partner and wants no more acquaintances.

4. She is a sophisticated coquette. A great number of women with low self-appraisal and also married women belong to the category as it is important for them to know they are sexually attractive and to get confirmations of it. They may behave as if they would not mind to get acquainted with new men but in fact they do not at all plan to date them. These women just need to flatter their pride and feel their superiority.

5. She has some emotional problems (may be she is a hysterical girl?). This is a category of women who once dealt with mean men and who are absolutely sure that males are the cause of all troubles in the world. Such a woman will turn down your invitation just because you are a male and for no other reason.

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6. Man’s first step in getting acquainted was wrong. Some women like strangers clap them on the back and say ‘Hi, babe’ while others treat the manner as brazen impudence and will try not to deal with you even if finds you attractive. So, men should mind woman’s social status and education to choose a proper approach for getting acquainted with her. An approach suitable for a market seller will not work with a doctor or a teacher.

7. A bad moment for acquaintances. A woman may turn down man’s invitations owing to circumstances beyond the man’s control. Probably she has some serious problems at home or in the office, or she feels bad and realizes that she looks not very nice on this particular day. But for the troubles she would have probably said YES to your invitation.

8. She is probably still suffering from breaking up with her previous partner. If a woman invited for a date says she wants no dates and needs some time to look into herself it means she is still suffering as has recently broken up with her partner. She wants no new romances. In this case, first try to become friends with her and probably later the relations will become more romantic.

9. You are too diffident. Women will never agree to date men who look absolutely diffident and dumb when making attempts to get acquainted. The best thing a diffident man can expect in this situation is winning the status of a friend. Men must be confident but never rude or familiar when striking up acquaintances with women.

10. A woman just does not like you, that’s all. And nothing can be done in this case. Tastes differ.

Men should remember that the success of their attempts to get acquainted with women depends upon them in some case. This is first of all their own behavior. Do not give up if a woman says NO. You may be more successful when grow more experienced.

Irina Vopnyarskaya

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov