92-year-old lady marries the love of her youth

Maria Buchneva, 92, married for the first time in her life the love of her youth. Her new husband, 73, is crazy about his wife but is really disheartened because the two can’t have children.

Maria Buchneva lived alone all her life in the village of Dyakonovo, Kirov region. Her two adult children have left a long time ago and both have their own families. Maria had to handle all the house chores by herself and in the rare times of rest she would dream, “Oh, how I would love to have a man like our old neighbor Sergey! I’ve always been in love with him, even though he is 20 years younger. When we were younger we used to date but all the women in our village complained: Mashka got herself a young one! And so he got scared and left. Then I remained here alone with my feelings. Later I had children from a man I didn’t love and I was never happy.”

The Matrimony

One time Sergey paid his neighbor Maria a visit at the stables in order to help her out. The elderly couple began talking their hearts away and by that evening the old man confessed his love to Maria.

“He is also lonely but he lacked the courage when he was younger,” the granny explains laughing, “So when he found out that I never married, he immediately proposed that we go and register. Then the whole village was celebrating our wedding! All my friends laugh at me but I think they are envious! It is happiness itself to go to the altar at 92! I am a tough old woman!

And we sleep in the same bed in all honesty! Like the real newlyweds, of course! I am living my second youth now, and you wouldn’t believe it – this youth is better than the first one! Only Sergey is sad because we can’t have babies and the orphanage would not let us adopt because of our age. But all the kids from the village come and stay with us because we take care of them as if they were our own: we feed them cakes and make them toys.


Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Alex Naumov