Dwarfish pigs beat cats and dogs and guide George Clooney’s private life

Dwarfish pigs have become the most popular pets in the USA and several European countries. The miniature pigs slowly but surely invade Russia too conquering pet-lovers’ hearts with their cute and funny appearance. It is not ruled out that small pigs will soon become a serious competition to cats and dogs in the future.

Israeli special services and French police train dwarfish pigs to search for explosive substances. Circus artists train mini pigs to entertain the audience whereas glamorous women have them as their lovely little exotic pets which they can easily take along to parties. However, one has to acknowledge that many people have mini pigs just because they like these animals.

Mini pigs appeared in Russia several years ago. About 300 Russians have become the proud owners of exotic piglets so far. The animal weighs between five and twenty kilos. The colour of most of the pigs is not pink at all: they range from black to white and brown. Like most of other pets, dwarfish pigs like being taken care of. They appreciate communication with humans, they like to go out for walks and eat a lot of tasty food.

It is not cheap to own a mini pig in the house. The price of a piglet with pedigree starts from 2,000 euros. Specialists say that the pedigree of mini pigs is extremely important for their owners. “If you know the size of your piglet’s ancestors you can be sure that the dwarfish pig will not grow into a huge 200-kilo pig. The smaller the piglet, the higher the price. The smallest of the animals grows up to the size of a Scotch terrier,” the director of the Russian club of mini-pig owners, Konstantin Gurevich said.

Russia’s only mini-pig trainer, Pavel Ulyanov, is a Muscovite. He owns a mini pig nicknamed as Bunya. Being a cynologist, Pavel decided to teach the pigs the tricks that home dogs could do. “It turned out that mini-pigs are very easy to train. They can execute simple commands such as “sit down” or “stand up.” They can only work for food reward though.

“The snout is the most sensitive spot on the mini-pig’s body. I recommend all my clients to flick their pigs on the snout to punish them for their bad behaviour. Otherwise they can become a burden for the owner,” the specialist said.

Mini-pigs can hardly ever forget about the biggest pleasure in their lives – food. However, their stomach is not the biggest priority for them. They can stand up to defend their owners too. Defending its owners’ child, a dwarfish pig named as Fyodor furiously attacked a male guest when he approached the baby too close. Doctors had to put in eight stitches on the man’s foot.

It is worthy of note that Hollywood star George Clooney has developed an immense passion for dwarfish pigs. It is rumored that the actor has ended many of his relationships with beautiful women just because of his mini pigs. Clooney always chooses the pig.


Translated by Dmitry Sudakov

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov