People to grow houses without any help of constructors

In the future people will be able to grow their own houses without any help from the contractors. In fact, the profession of a builder may soon well disappear all together, says an architect Mitchell Joachim and others who agree with his view.

Together they have designed a new housing project that will require no gardening because the project itself is a living example of a one unique independently functional ecosystem.

The foundation of the house will be based on the ivy plants growing over the tree trunks. A home like that would take several years to grow in a tropical climate and slightly longer in a moderate climate.

Grape vines will provide for the outer walls while the gaps in them can be easily covered with soil and ivy-like fill-ins, the floral architects believe.

Clay should serve as a building material for the inner walls, continues Joachim. The roof and the windows of such house would be prepared out of soy-based plastics.

The rain water running across the roof of the house will be used by the plants composing the house as well as by the person inhabiting the “green home.” The wastes will be decomposed by the bacteria and certain fish in the near-by water pond.

Architects continue working on the idea of designing ecologically pure homes, which was first published a few decades ago. A couple of the projects can be found on their website.

Some critics, however, call their ideas childish. And in all honesty during our age it seems rather naïve to plan a life a home like one of these.

Translated by Natalia Vysotskaya

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Author`s name Alex Naumov