Man kills his daughter in a Satanic ritual

Residents of the village of Ust-Pogozhye, Volgograd region, are likely to feel shivers going down their spines each time they recall the events of that fateful morning. Nobody could have grasped the reality that was taking place before their very eyes. Passers-by and neighbors were astounded to see a stark-naked man running around the house, which was on fire. The man was screaming at the top of his voice: “I am Satan!” The people recognized Vladimir, the owner of the burning house. Vladimir apparently noticed a crowd gathering. All of a sudden, he rushed into the house and came back outside a few moments later. He was carrying his 18-month-old daughter. In no time he dashed to the fence, shaking the baby like a rag doll. The crowd gasped in horror as the man smashed his daughter’s head against the gate.

While in custody, Vladimir admitted to performing a “Satanic rite” in an attempt to bring back his wife named Jamilya. Jamlilya had left him a while ago. Evgeni Melikhov, an investigator with the local prosecutor’s office, said that the accused had told the prosecutors about a binge he was on for several days, following the departure of his wife. He was drinking like a fish, and allegedly suffered a sort of delirium tremens with hallucinations. During one of his bizarre hallucinations he was told a “recipe” for bringing back his wife.

According to the accused, he saw an apparition of his late father on that ghastly morning. The ghost appeared as Vladimir was finishing off a bottle of vodka in the kitchen. His daughter Liza was sleeping in a living room. “My dad told me I need to perform a magic ritual to regain happiness in my family life. I decided to follow his instructions word by word,” said Vladimir to the prosecutors.

In line with the ghost’s instructions, the man stripped his clothes off and poured a bottle of cooking oil over his body. He also reset all the clocks in the house to 6 o’clock . Then he put a large mug onto the electric stove. He filled that mug to the brim with cooking oil. The man brought the contents of the mug to the boil and proceeded to perform the final part of the ritual, says an article published by Khronometer.

Vladimir claims the ghost stressed the importance of the final part for the whole rite to take effect. The man was allegedly told to cut off his little finger on his left hand and throw it into the boiling oil. Vladimir says he felt no pain when he chopped his little finger off with a single swing of his axe. He was about to proceed with the rest of the instructions when he upset the mug. The oil spilled on the stovetop and caught fire.

A sudden panic seized him on the following moment. He took a quick look at the mirror while rushing about the smoky kitchen. And then he felt thunderstruck, glued to the floor. According to Vladimir , the man in the mirror had three figures of six burning brightly on his forehead. Vladimir claims he looked down and saw a tail on the trunk of the man in the mirror. He did not remember anything that happened afterwards. He seemed to have suffered a blackout, following blindly somebody else’s orders.

The Satanist was still running amuck and screaming wildly when the police arrived to the scene of the abhorrent accident. He then ran back into the house and spent more than five minutes inside the burning building. According to the police, they just could not walk up closer to the fence because of the tremendous heat produced by the fire. Miraculously enough, the man emerged from the fire unscathed, he did not even suffered a single burn.

The police had to chase the madman around the courtyard. They could get hold of the badly maimed body of his daughter only after overpowering and tying him up. The girl had been dead by the time.

The village Satanist is still kept in a holding cell under lock and key. Following a psychiatric examination, he was found to be non compos mentis i.e. mentally incapable of managing his affairs. “The case is still under investigation, within a 30-day period it will be forwarded to the court for a final decision,” said Magomed Kartoyev, a local investigator.

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Alex Naumov