Kidman and Urban: happy marriage or misalliance?

This June, fabulous actress Nicole Kidman and country music star Keith Urban got married. A white vintage Rolls Royce slowly rolled round a romantic church on the Pacific Ocean shore. Crowds of Australians were eager to peep in the limousine windows. The beauty in a white wedding dress by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga smiled to the crowds with her touching Hollywood smile. Her long-haired beloved waved his hand to the people.

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There were many people who doubted that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban would marry at all. Even when it was reported that the actress got acquainted with the fiancé’s parents and the couple had a holiday together in Tennessee in 2005, many still insisted that the couple would split soon. Indeed, Nicole was not steady after she divorced Tom Cruise and had romances with about ten men. And Keith Urban known as drugs and alcohol addict seemed to be not a really ideal match for the actress. But still, Sydney witnessed the marriage of the year on June 25. In a day, the newlyweds left for a honeymoon trip in French Polynesia.

One of the world’s most fashionable hotels U.S. Royal Estate at the new St Regis resort in Bora Bora was the place where the couple stayed for the honeymoon. This paradise is the best place in the Pacific Ocean. A handful of tiny parts of land is scattered about the lagoon crystal waters. Bora Bora has a mountain range with three peaks. When Nicole and Keith came to Bora Bora they said they would climb the highest peak of Oteman of 737 meters. But even in a week after their arrival they still did not climb it. The newlyweds almost all the time stayed inside or close to their over-water bungalow that made up 500 square meters and cost 13,000 euro per night.

The 39-year-old actress says she hopes that the new marriage will give her a chance to give birth to a baby. Nicole and Tom have two adopted children. Unfortunately, they failed to have a baby of their own. Some sources say that the actress got pregnant three times when married to Tom Cruise but every time her pregnancies unhappily ended with a miscarriage. It is said that Nicole and Keith had no intimate contacts before they married. So, the honeymoon was a wonderful opportunity for the couple to enjoy each other.

On the fifth day of their stay in Bora Bora the celebrities had a drive about the island. They visited ancient Polynesian temples and ruins of a US Navy base that Japanese forced demolished during WWII. In the evening, the guests took a canoe to feed sharks and cramp-fishes in the ocean.

After the honeymoon, the couple planned to come and stay at Keith’s mansion nearby Nashville in Tennessee. The singer confessed that in the nearest time he would abstain from long tours and would record his discs in his home studio only. Kidman reported nothing about her future plans. It is known that right before the marriage Nicole and Keith concluded a marriage contract that was rather advantageous for the actress. The contract stipulates that in case the husband again takes to alcohol or drugs or gets unfaithful the couple would part, and he would get an insignificant compensation. Analysts in Hollywood think that the misalliance will be stable only if Nicole gives birth to a long-awaited baby.

Today, Nicole Kidman is paid $16 million per film. The actress however thinks she costs more and already claimed the record sum of $25 million for her participation in films. But her claim was ignored after the not really good appearance in The Stepford Wives and Bewitched. At the same time, advertising of Chanel perfumes brought Nicole $3 million. Keith’s earnings are lower than those of Nicole. But it is important that Keith Urban was recently recognized the sexiest country singer in America.

Express Gazeta

Translated by Maria Gousseva

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov