Every human being has a snob within

Different people interpret the term “snobbery” differently. One thing is clear: a snob is an unpleasant and arrogant person. However, each of us has a “snob within.”

“If you ask your alcoholic neighbor to comment on Black Square by Malevich, he is most likely to lay into the painter and his immortal masterpiece big time.”

Misconception No 1: a snob belongs to the creative elite

One has to pretend being somebody in order to keep away by himself.

We got used to some artists who openly admit to being snobs. They claim the results of their creative activity are meant for a handful of connoisseurs. In fact, some fields of art are incomprehensible to the “average person.” But the formal logic indicates that the assertion “creative people are often snobbish” cannot serve as a logical foundation for saying that “all snobs are creative.”

If you ask your alcoholic neighbor to comment on Black Square by Malevich, he will in all probability lay into the artist and his immortal masterpiece big time. In other words, the creative person Malevich will be mistreated by your snobbish neighbor.

Misconception No 2: a snob is a person of means and higher social rank

A snob is not necessarily a well-off person. He can belong to any social stratum. Wealth is not a key factor for playing a snob. Snobbery can work only if some sort of a hierarchy is in place. In this case a snob can scorn persons of lower social status.

A social hierarchy is good for inexperienced snobs whose favorite saying goes like this: “You’re just a loser, a useless waste of space if you make less than two thousand dollars a month.”

A untidy person down at the heels is on the other side of the barricade. He likes mulling over the greatness of his philosophical concepts and believes all the “office rats” should be shot point-blank.

Misconception No 3: a snob is a lonesome and underrated soul

Snobbery loves company. A snob needs interaction with a group of like-minded people who can share his views. A snob rattling on about his views on his own is doomed to be a grumbler. On the contrary, a snob being part of a few chosen ones can become a representative of the elite.

It makes no difference what qualities or traits will be decreed the typical characteristics of the elite. It could be nationality or race. It might as well be a mental disorder – some epileptics believe they were “marked” by God.

Misconception No 4: a snob is above vanity

A snob sets himself on a pedestal though it does not mean he is not aware what is going on down below. Moreover, a snob desperately needs information for comparison purposes, and therefore he pays close attention to the rank and file.

Here is a test concerning a “snob within.” Passing by a filthy bum on the street, what else would cross your mind aside from “What a smell!” or “This guy really stinks!”? A snob inside you will be muttering something like: “It’s just great that I’m not like him, I’m a lot better.”

Misconception No 5: a snob strives to outdo the others

A snob does not have to be the best boy on the block. Ranking himself as the best one is more important. For example, a local schmuck buys a brand-new Ford. You are a fake snob if you start borrowing heavily or taking a loan because you feel an irresistible urge of buying a car that would be “just as good as this one, and a lot better.”

A real snob would be pretty happy after making a mockery of that Ford by saying a couple of things about its budget-friendly specs and lousy performance characteristics. Yet again, a snob can be found in any social stratum.


Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov