Three mysteries of Earth may kill humans like dinosaurs

It is a commonplace that space can exert influence on man. The sun flares trigger health problems in certain persons susceptible to weather changes. Aside from causing the tides, the Moon also activates the sleepwalkers. Everybody seems to have heard that Earth might collide with an asteroid one of these days. Earth itself can impact on the life and condition of humans in a more significant way:

1. Strange low-frequency radiation is emitted from the bowels of the earth. It has a detrimental effect on any living organism.

2. Buildings erected on the sites of drained reservoirs can go to rack and ruin for reasons unknown.

3. According to one of the theories, the dinosaurs died out after the poles of Earth traded places.

Specialists at the Institute of Optical Monitoring of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences have discovered a strange connection between the number of accidents and disturbances in the earth’s electromagnetic field. The low-frequency radiation coming from the depths of our planet is to blame. It is not completely clear what causes the radiation. One of the hypotheses maintains that the phenomenon is caused by stress-strain processes in the earth’s crust. Part of that mechanical energy is probably transformed into a flux of electromagnetic particles that break free like the evils escaping the box opened by Pandora who gave in to her curiosity just like the gods anticipated. Scientists are confident that the mysterious radiation has an impact on the person’s health. For example, statistics show that a greater number of persons call the ambulance and more drivers experience traffic accidents when there is an increase in that sort of radiation.

Scientists have noticed that large holes were appearing in the earth’s magnetic field. To some extent, those holes are the omens. They indicate that the earth’s poles will trade places shortly. For several times in the past, the poles would swap their locations. In actuality, the North magnetic pole is on the move now. It is approaching Siberia at the moment. As for the South magnetic pole, it has left Antarctica and presently moving toward the western shores of Australia.

The movements of the poles are detected by equipment at the Central Military and Technical Institute of Ground Forces. The relocation of the poles occurred in the geological history on a regular basis. According to some data, the phenomenon took place once in a period of 12,500 years. It may have killed the dinosaurs, mammoths, and caused the destruction of Atlantis.

Alexei Didenko, deputy director of the Schmidt Institute of Physics of Earth believes that most living organisms on our planet would perish every time such a phenomenon took place. There is a decrease in the field intensity, and thus the safety screen protecting against the solar radiation grows weaker.

Some places on this planet have been always called the “cursed places.” Those who settled in those places would suffer from incurable diseases. Yet again, scientists point finger at radiation and call such locations the “geopathogenic areas.”

“As a rule, the geopathogenic areas occur on the site of geological fractures and at the juncture of underground waters flowing at different levels. There are abnormal changes detected in the magnetic field, electric conductance of the ground, and radioactivity levels in those areas. The changes also affect the atmosphere’s electric potential.

According to a study by the Czech oncologist Oldriech Jurizek, 50% of patients diagnosed with cancer had lived in buildings constructed on the land of former reservoirs, dried-out river beds, and floodplains. A section of highway crossing the “distress area” will have the highest number of traffic accidents. A driver may lose consciousness and get disoriented momentarily due to a kind of stress and a sudden rush of adrenocorticotropic hormones in blood.

A mere five percent of the lucky ones in the whole human race are not susceptible to the effects of the geopathogenic areas.

The Ukranian inventor Pyetr Slinko has patented a device which he says is capable of forecasting earthquakes. The device employs a hamster who begins to perspire heavily some12 hours prior to incoming earthquake.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov