Pamela Anderson appears to be a soccer mom at heart

Actress Pamela Anderson even at the age of 39 continues to stay in the public eye. In her most recent appearance in front of cameras she appeared to be a great soccer lover and a soccer mom at heart despite having a stripper pole in her bedroom.

"I go to every game!" says the actress, discussing her young sons' sports schedules in an interview in the August issue of House & Garden magazine.

Anderson has two children, Brandon, 10, and Dylan, 8, from her marriage to now ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Her Malibu, Calif., home is featured in the magazine, which describes Anderson's cozy bungalow as "hippie-chick-meets-Miss Havisham." The former "Baywatch" star would not let House & Garden show her bedroom, which has a stripper pole.

Anderson, photographed in a white oxford shirt and shorts, remains true to her beach-bunny image.

"I'm obsessed with living on the beach," she says. "I love being outdoors, and think a tan is very sexy. I'll lie out on white towels strewn with pillows. I don't like to hide under hats!"

Quite fitting, then, that the MAC Cosmetics spokesmodel is developing her own line of "body-care products for the sun."

"If anyone knows about spending lots of the time on the beach, with kids and dogs in tow, it's me," she says, according to the AP.

The previous Pamela’s appearance in public happened in London where she took off her clothes to draw attention to animal rights.

Before she stripped in a boutique, Anderson named and shamed Hollywood celebrities she said wear or promote animal fur.

She singled out Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce Knowles as women who wear animal fur and are role models.

"They are such beautiful women, and they're such smart, great role models, that it's really important for them to be very conscious about what they wear," Anderson said. "Especially as they're fashion icons. ... It's really sad to me to see them wear (fur), because I don't think that young girls are thinking about the cruelty that goes into the clothing line."

Anderson posed in a store window behind a strategically placed banner that said, "We'd rather bare skin than wear skin."

Anderson also hosted People for the Ethical Treatment Of Animals' first Humanitarian Awards at Stella McCartney's clothing boutique, reports.

Source: agencies

Prepared by Alexander Timoshik

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