Guardian angels save people’s lives communicating through ‘inner voice’

Any person may have heard the stories about the so-called “inner voice.” So far scientists have failed to explain the phenomenon, and therefore people tend to make light of it i.e. making up numerous jokes about the “inner voice”, which gives the person a piece of advice but proves invariably wrong in the end.

However, we had better stop making fun of the mysterious phenomenon. According to parapsychologists, such voices can convey some extremely important piece of information to the “listener.” At times the voices can warn the person of a threat to his life looming on the horizon. In its Monday issue Komsomolskaya Pravda runs an article on the cases of “inner voice” acting like a guardian angel.

The cases can be filed under two groups for classification purposes. The voices of the first group usually belong to the diseased loved ones or close friends. As a rule, the voice would protect the “listener” from being harmed by some evil agency or circumstance. For example, the 13-year-old boy was saved from a deadly incident by the voice of his diseased mother. Having attended the funeral of his mother, the boy returned home. He was about to fetch some foodstuffs, which were stored under the staircase running along the outside wall of the house. All of a sudden, he heard him mom calling out. The boy got back in the living room and, needless to say, saw nobody. The boy was going to step onto the staircase once again as he heard his mother’s voice one more time. The very next moment a neighbor knocked at his door. Speaking to an old lady, the boy found out that the staircase had been removed a few hours ago because it was too rickety.

Sometimes a voice can hint at an event in the works. Lena Grineva, a Muscovite, one day heard her elder brother calling her name. Lena’s brother served in the Navy at the time. The last letter from him arrived a long time ago. After hearing his voice, Lena figured out that the brother was coming home shortly. That is exactly what happened a few days later.

The voices that fall under the second category can inform the person about some important events, normally accidents, which are not directly related to the person. One day in the summer of 1974, a young British girl heard the shocking news about an explosion in Flixborough. The accident claimed the lives of several persons. The girl heard the report while watching the afternoon news program on TV. The girl told her friend about the tragic event. Later that night, her friends were watching news on TV. The friends gasped in amazement when they found out that the accident had taken place several hours after the afternoon news was broadcast that day.

Similar cases were reported in Russia. On a rainy afternoon in the fall of 1998, Vladimir Grigoriev, a resident of the city of Samara, heard a few reports on the radio. The reports said about a traffic accident in which a priest was injured. Vladimir heard the story about the accident again on the following day while riding on a taxi. A taxi driver gave him an eyewitness account of the accident. But the driver insisted that the accident had occurred about 11 p.m. Vladimir was confused and called the radio station. The staff at the radio station confirmed that the first report on the accident had been aired at night.

Highly mysterious cases similar to the above have been on record from time immemorial. The famous English poet George Gordon Byron was reported to have been saved from imminent death by his Greek guide who heard his father’s voice. They were treading a path in hillside forest when suddenly the guide collapse and suffered a seizure. “I heard my father’s voice warning me of some terrible event that is taking place not so faraway from this place,” the guide told Byron after coming around. He somehow managed to persuade Byron into staying at the location for a few hours.

“I had a seizure and heard a warning voice two years ago. It actually saved my life. The Turks slaughtered all the people in a village I could have arrived if I had ignored the advice conveyed by that voice,” explained he to Byron.

The poet was quite skeptical about the guide’s story but agreed to have a rest from several hours. After covering a few more miles on that day, they came across clear evidence of a resent shootout. The empty cartridges were scattered around the place. Eight dead bodies were lying in the puddles of blood. Subsequently, Byron believed the event was just a coincidence. Yet in the context of other stories, it is the guide’s “inner voice” that saved the life of the great poet on that day.

Komsomolskaya Pravda

Translated by Guerman Grachev

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Author`s name Dmitry Sudakov